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Find the Differences

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After seing David08225's attempt at a find it flash, I decided to make what I think it should've been like. This is truely my first flash, my first submitted flash was second. The music was not found in the Audio Portal, appolagies to anyone who has music in the AP that sound similar for I assure you, I found this on the computer. I give gredit to: Flash 8 for making this possible, David08225 for the idea, and Brad for help with buttons and putting in music.

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Lmfao! The end is trippy.

Dude why is everybody hating on this? The game is alright. Playable but i had fun. Obviously a great first timer game. And the end with the faces and the scream. I LMFAO'd. like i actually laughed for a good 20 seconds :P. I wouldnt say make another one like this. but keep it up :P

jakenator85 responds:

There WAS gonna be a third one.

I can't say it's bad.

Just wayyyy to simple it's ok though. It seems like your learning flash corrrect? i haven't even made my own flash but this ani't bout me seems ya still a starter at it your trying dude thats good msybe if you continue you'll surpass some Newgrounders who submit content the games easy like ya didn't have to try but it still deserves a 5 good luck on your others


it was at least a decent game i didn't hate but i didn't love it but it was a pretty good game besides the fact it was only one per image and that it was annoying at the end but it should not get blamed

jakenator85 responds:



It's really short, should have more then one difference in each picture, and the ending was dissapointing seeing you tried to scare us.
Remember though this is a review so I am just telling you bad things about the game and how it can improve.


it wasnt great
it was ok
too easy

Credits & Info

3.18 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2009
10:57 PM EDT