Let's make a shooter! 2/3

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This is the second part of the "let's make a shooter tutorial". it gets a bit sloppy towards the end, and some of the things i use aren't the best ways to do it. Sorry guys, it's just been a long week and i spent all day at coney island yesterday.

NOTE: having a problem getting the first enemy to collide with the bullets? a simple fix is;

*********************PART 3 CANCELED*****************

it's been a long time since i've started this tutorial set, and i never did get to finish the trilogy of this tutorial. it has since been several months and i no longer work in flash. due to this, i will NOT be releasing a part 3 to this tutorial.

if anything at all, in the future i will release a complete replacement tutorial for this, all in one file. but don't get your hopes up.

thanks for the support, guys

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Well that was a good tutorial.

I couldn't have asked for more, considering the circumstances. Very informative. Your "Note" in the comments doesn't make much sense anyway, where to put it I mean. The guide was very easy to follow. I got a smidgeon confused what with all the numbers, letters and punctuation. But overall, Great job.

A nice in-depth tutorial

Yeah not a bad tutorial for those who need it. I myslef punched up a quick copy and was pleased with the results.

However, I have added in a few more things because it seems doubtful that you will be bringing out the third anytime soon.

However you have taught most of the basics down so its simply a matter of using what we learnt to finish this game off. I.e. bullets dont keep going after hitting an enemy, enemy hurting player etc

Dont forget about part 3. There are other people that are waiting for it.


whens number 3 comin!!!

this is probably one of the best tutorials on newgrounds!!! it helped a lot!

informative and amusing

your stuff is great, looking forward to number 3

Genocide responds:

thanks a lot, expect 3 soon enough! =3


I was waiting so long for part 2 to come out you have no idea. I checked every day, and finally today it's here! Awesome tutorial man, looking out for part 3!

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Aug 8, 2009
11:09 AM EDT