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See if you have the skills to play more than one game simultaneously!

Also, check out my new project! It's at http://bit.ly/13zQWpm or just look under my profile.


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one game? easy. two games? ok, manageable. three games?? oh gosh that's hard. four games??? died 2 secondes after 0_o

Its good!

This game is really cool but really confusing and hard but apart fromm that everything is cool

Just as fun and interesting as I remember it to be! Just for clarification, IS there any way to win? Or does it just increase in difficulty until a type of automatic loss, for I cannot help but notice the upper left game not only has a smaller platform to work with, BUT the physics of the platform become more and more unstable. To date, every time I lose, it is due to that one.

holy crap, i got to 84, i got in the zone, and them BLAMMO, that fourth puzzle came up with the spacebar and it was weird cuz my brain just freaked out, packed its bags, and set sail for Nicaragua where it figured life would be easier. but 84, thats not bad for someone with only two hands. now if i was a floborbatron from the planet sqebleplex, i wouldla been golden, those guys have four arms and two heads, and would be great at this. but unfortunately, im just a human bean, a plain old human baked bean. with a plain old human score of 84. one good thing that can come from this, is now guys can finally prove to their girls that they too, can multi task, and that its not just the females of the species that can do it. saying that, i bet chicks can kick ass at this game. anyway, whoever made this is a genius, its an awesome game, and i can see a bright future for it being added to the 'rage game' playlist of youtube let's plays.