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Hotel Defense

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Author Comments

Shoot the Mobsters using 6 different weapons and Grenades. Enemies get stronger as the waves go on.

Use 1,2,3,4,5,6 to change weapons, space to fire grenades, and 'r' to re-load.

I've fixed several things since the last upload(which has been taken down)

1. Hotel Doors are stronger
2. Grenades are no longer free(bug fixed)
3. Using "R" for reload takes a bit of time now
4. Shotgun has its own unique sound
5. A few other minor fixes.


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Yeah the engine is fine and all, but you need a LOT more variety in this game for it to work. What I got from this game is the objective is to kill a bunch of bums from entering the hotel? lol

Needs work....

Any gun below the mini gun doesnt show up when you scroll over it...
somtimes when i reload it keeps trying to reload even though its reloaded and causes me not to be able to shoot..

Not bad but still has issues.

The weapons menu is bugged, some items don't display, others display but overlap with others so you aren't entirely sure what you are buying. As for weapons they are fairly balanced but hit detection is a bit off, also making the cross-hair black is a bit of an error as its hard to see against the road and the men themselves, maybe try red?

Finally the reload system works but feels really glitchy, the reload isn't smooth and hitting R doesn't always actually reload the gun.

Iron out these bugs and maybe add some additional story between levels, also you need an ending. It gets boring very quickly if you haven't got an ending to aim for.

Not bad.....

Not a bad game i like it.... But when you have the basic shotgun equipped and you run out of shells it doesn't say reload... Also the cross hairs are a bit hard to see against the black top.... A color selection for the cross hairs would be helpful.. Also would be kind of cool to see a sniper rifle in the weapon selection... And maybe some music in the background.. Other than that i enjoyed it... The accuracy was excellent when you can see the cross hairs and the game did flow smoothly... Are you planning a sequel to this game ?


Its not a terrible game, nothing is broken, and its decently nice looking. Though, what really would have made this game much better is:
1) More variety of enemies who look different AND who do different things other than just attack the doors (suicide bombers who are really fast, gunmen who stand on the street shooting the doors, ya know, stuff like that).
2) Make it so you can switch between weapons after you have bought them, so you arent stuck with the one you bought most recently.
3) Make the game a little bit harder and add different maps so that it isnt so easy to breeze through the game and it adds a bit of replayablity.

All in all, decent game, but needs just a bit more to it for it to be great! Keep at it!

Archbob responds:

You can change between the guns using 1,2,3,4,5,6 . Its in the instructions

Credits & Info

2.80 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2009
2:19 PM EDT