Urban Legends: Ghosts

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Turn out the lights, crank up the volume! 'Ghosts' is the newest addition to JKCinema's Urban Legends Series. In this mini-documentary we present "ghostly evidence" in the form of media collected from around the internet, in books and elsewhere. Check out the evidence and draw your own conclusions!

* Note: the media presented includes photographs, videos, and audio. Because of size limits on flash in the Newgrounds Portal, the videos section had to be trimmed down. Visit JKCinema.com for the full 7 MB version!

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And as always, visit JKCinema.com for Urban Legends EXTRAS!


Awesome movie! I remember first seeing this when I was nine, I fucking loved it and I still do!
I find that Ghosts are interesting...
I always found this interesting and I still do.


I remember watching this series when it was new!

Too bad it is your last

You made some more great additions on your website and I wish you would upload it to Newgrounds. Anyway, this is still great to look at because it is pretty frightening. I do wish there could be some websites that could further study if these pictures were real. This also seems to be the first one to use a "screamer" at the end and let me say it is very effective. I mean, some people will just make a screamer the entire thing and that can be annoying. The music was definitley eerie, and while I am not sure if I believe in ghosts, I bet you do.


The screaming woman was exceptionally terrifying.

creepy yet awsome

the last picture of the photo segment with the doge looked like a lizard to me it was so cool top score 10/10 keep it up

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4.32 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2002
3:26 PM EDT