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Empire of the Galaldur

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Author Comments

The game sets on Galaldur where you are in control of one of the provinces. The main goal of this game is to conquer all provinces, that you have to take by force in the most exciting battles. You need to manage the production of all resources, build settlements and upgrade them to unlock the troops. There are seven types of troops which all has different power, speed and capability.
Controls: Use your mouse to play this game.

Have fun playing this game!
Please let me know what you think of this game using the feedback form so we can improve some things.

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Pretty fun game. Also a long game. Unless...

... you assign "e+9" as a number to your archer units in formation, whether or not you have them. After a while of playing the game, the number of units I had bugged out and when I got the bright idea to input that as a number, the number of remaining archers went to "NaN" (Not A Number) and the number of archers I have in formation kept to its "e+9". The strange numbers probably occurred when I was flipping from province to province, upgrading the archeries one by one without giving them time in between, and also telling the game to train 999 archers at each province. Then the strange numbers came about when I tried to muster the troops to take over the next province.

While I believe such was simply an oversight in coding, I find it amusing that the game thinks I've got, like 10 billion archers on the field. They can't take a single hit (from enemy archers), but any normal units that are unfortunate enough to come into range are instantly obliterated. I mean, they have 1000 troops, and the next instant, they've vanished.

Using such a trick, I was able to beat the game in about 30 minutes. Of course, I *did* spend about 4 hours playing it "the right way".

Good job so far. It was a fun (albeit tiresome) game to play through while I didn't have this "god mode".

You missed a contingency...

When another enemy invades but you have no military, the game still expects you to deploy your nonexistent units to the field and won't let you progress until you have done so. My own fault for not building any military units, but whatever... you should automatically lose the battle and be conquered if this happens.

Overall, what I did experience of the gameplay kind of dragged. It felt kind of like it was trying to copy the style of an old Sierra turn-based strategy, Lords of the Realm 2, but ended up being a stare-at-your-colony fest instead. I'm in agreement with ShockDoc, with all the mechanics that operate on an "accomplished at the start of the day" basis, this game would be much better served as a turn-based strategy than an RTS.

Cool, but glitchy

I wass harvesting my army at first, but when I took over my second village I suddenly got 4482 archers, then when I took down the third village with and archer army of 999, 999, 999 a pair it just kept on going until I got 13.E. So that wass kinda a glitchy thing to it, but I took over them castle's pretty damn fast =D


Good effort

The game was ok, but I think some aspects suffer from bad design.
Mainly, the economy - the market is so overpowered and at levels 9 and 10 allows you to buy 25 stone for 1 gold, and then get 10 gold for that same 25 stone. This is also present at lower levels, although at a lower rate, so basically all you need to do is be able to build the marketplace up to lvl 3 or so, and then you can have an unlimited supply of resources.
Second, the battles were a drag, quite boring and predictable, and the other kingdoms never pose any threat as long as you can build a couple of 300+ squadrons. Also, the navigation on the map was a little awkward, at some points I lost track of where my main army was, and had to look in the last couple of towns I've been to, which would later result in more battles in which the enemy attacked solely to waste another couple minutes of my time and not kill a single troop of mine.
Third might be just me, but I like playing games like this, which are essentially turn based, in turns. The realtime building was sort of weird... you should be able to run the game for a number of turns, for as much as you need to upgrade a building or train troops, and then the game auto pauses, so the player can do something else during the game, which is, even though nicely presented, static enough to be a real buzz kill if you stare at it for too long.

- I think lvl 9 and 10 Market is the same thing, just wasted resources.
- Also, a slider could be useful in the Market, so you can sell/buy more than 25 units at a time - maybe even a "Buy/Sell All" button.
- The function of upgrades/buildings is not explained at all, and even though most are intuitive, some gave me trouble in understanding.
- Upgrades don't seem to work?
- There is too little area for text that say something is started/completed, if two things finish the same day you can often miss out on the first one

Blah blah blah ... this is too long.

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2009
1:12 PM EDT