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GUNROX Holy Grenade Quest

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Take control over 3 adventurers who seek for the legendary artifact - long lost Holy Hand Grenade.

Various random encounters, wide set of weapons, and number of quests will make your journey more complicated than you might expect

To those who think it's a DEMO:
This is not a demo :)
Yeah, it promotes our other game which is called GUNROX, but this is completely different single-player game with quests, random encounters and stuff while promoted game is multiplayer online tactics and also free.



god i had to fight 4 guys with SHOTGUNS!!!


restart with all my shit gone? no thanks.
fun until i died

I like the game.

But losing everything can be pretty disheartning. Kinda kills the replay value for me.

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Warning: Pain of grind imminent

Everything about this games is great except the grind.

When making a game there has to be something in it for the player: experience, items, a cut scene... anything to reward the player for playing the game. Second, the reward must be worth more than the effort; either a kind of something that they couldn't get otherwise or more resources in than out. This game dosn't do that!

Example: In this game there is no experience, so my character are fighting for equipment and items only. I go into a battle and randomly it is 5 bad guys appear (against my 3). Its a tough fight and I use three med-kits and a grenade to win it. Then: my random reward was NOTHING! It then took me 12 fights to get back the med kits I had used. I entered that area again and fought the big fight: again my reward was nothing!

Why should I play if there might not be a point in playing.

As a demo this is the worst possible kind of advertisement for the "real" game. If I can expect to play a game that might or might not be worth my time, then it is clearly not worth my time.

Art: +10
Music: +7
Gameplay: +8
Reward system: -bajillion

Overall: 3/10 and unfortunately this is also my optimism towards the full thing.

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HOLY SH******T

this game i mean all in all had some pretty good apects about it i like how you found armor and guns and the special equipment you got for doing quests but i mean come on throw in a save button and for god sakes stop making it if you die you lose everything i have spend hours today trying to beat it it is really addicting but give me a break every time i die come on and also with the rpg gun from the lady for the health pack how come i can't get another one yet i can always upgrade my armor from the guy hmmmm a bug possibly all in all though i give the game a 7.5/10 great start but please fix these thing and then tell me when you do so then i can come play it again

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3.32 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2009
8:54 AM EDT
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