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UPDATE #1: Added toggle buttons to the pause menu (ENTER) allowing you to switch autoLevel, autoFire, and the stars on and off during gameplay. Much thanks to rohcQaH.

IMPORTANT: If you can't handle the controls, hit the options menu and select AutoLevel and AutoFire for a more standard shoot-em-up style. If you face any lag try turning off the stars.

Controls, simplified
Up/Down arrow keys - tilt the craft to move up and down
A - Level the UFO
X - Fire bullets (unlimmited ammo)
C - Fire cow missiles (beam up amunition)
SPACE - Active tractor beam
ENTER - Pause


UFO: ATK is a sidescrolling shoot-em-up in which you control a UFO of unkown orogin, on a mission to collect specimens from earth. These bovine 'specimens' can be fired out of the UFO like missiles to better aid you in carving a path through waves on enemies. While the game draws on the original visual style of UFO: Noir, the gameplay is entirely disimilar.

There are three quite different levels to play through, each with a password should you wish to return later and continue. The password will be given to you on your death. Each level ends with a uniquely designed, animated, and AI controlled Boss, which must be destroyed in order to move on.

The are even difficulty settings which effect how many hit points your UFO begins with, try fragile for a real challenge!

Easy: 200
Medium: 100 (default)
Hard: 50
Fragile: 10

Of course a UFO doesn't quite steer the same way that most craft do:

You'll use the up and down arrow keys to control the tilt of your craft. If you tilt it upwards it will glide upwards, likewise if you tilt it downwards it will drift downwards.

You can use the arrow keys to align the craft horrizontally again to steady it, or you can hold the 'A' buttom to autoLevel. Alternatively, the auto level feature can be turned on in the options menu.

Please don't gripe about the controls unless you've give the autoLevel and autoFire features a fair chance. I implemented them for the sole purpose of keeping everyone happy afterall.

8bitcollective credits:

Falco Lombardi - We are gravity
http://8bitcollective.com /music/Falco+Lombardi/We+
Are+Gravity+(pure+lsdj+ve rsion)/

Nebulosation - Travel through the space clouds
http://8bitcollective.com /music/Nebulosation/Trave l+Through+the+Space+Cloud s/

alexicore5000 - Recharged
http://8bitcollective.com /music/alexicore5000/rech arged/

NNNNNNNNNN - Sayonara my kanashimi
http://8bitcollective.com /music/NNNNNNNNNN/sayonar a+my+kanashimi/

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I can actually play it!

You know I'm rubbish at these games, but I can actually play it here (had trouble on Sheezy), and it's great fun, I won't tell you my embarrassing score, but it improved 4 fold at my 2nd attempt!


But the controls are way to dificult

nice one

- well designed bosses. I loved the second one and how he announced himself
- creative setting/story. Never before have I shot cows.
- fitting music

- I really want to be able to change the options after starting the game. After figuring out what "auto-level" actually meant, I wanted to enable it. After playing for a while, I wanted to enable auto-fire because my finger hurt. But I couldn't without losing my game progress/score.
- the gfx were a bit bland at times
- the non-boss enemys weren't that interesting
- no power-ups like these games usually have

2ndself responds:

Thanks for the lovely review. I'll almost certainly add some toggles for autoLevel and fire on the pause menu for anyone else who comes along. Shouldn't take two seconds.