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Record Speed Parking

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Author Comments

Quick reflexes and a little bit of car driving sense should get your through the 3 levels.

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4 Stars because its way to easy, beat it the first time playing, my 5 year old brother after 4 or 5 times :-)

Its a great game

Really.. Great game.. and I'd give 10 to Athealis's review...
I love the fact that its easy to park,
i'd say 9/10
wait.. since that was too easy.. I'd say 8/10 :p

No good

The controls are fine, but its really difficult to NOT lose lives. Its to easy to lose and to difficult to win.

What? You LOSE points for running people over??

First of all, let me start of by saying thank you for your time and hard work in making this game. Even though the premise is simple, park some cars, it's actually quite enjoyable and cathartic. I appreciate the micro world that you have built. This is a good game that has the potential to be a great game. I have a number of suggestions. Some are ideas to ponder, and others are points that I think could use improving:

-I really like the background detail of some of the levels. you have people in lawn chairs, buildings, etc. The only problem is, things are very out of proportion. The cars we are parking are the same size as the office buildings. Also, the people on the side are WAY smaller than the people that you have to dodge in the parking lot on level 3. I suggest making the people that walk around a little smaller, and maybe one larger building, or parts of buildings.

-The music... there is plenty of royalty free music you could use, if you aren't musically inclined yourself. Do a search for some and find something you like. Or listen to the music submissions on newgrounds. Contact an author, and ask him/her if you can use their song in your game. They get exposure, you get better music. As far as the 2 second loop you have now? Well, lets just say, thank god you put a mute music button in there.

-Speaking of buttons, please add a pause button.

-I like that when you die, you get to continue of that level, but what if i wanted to start over? Please add option to start from beginning or keep playing that level.

-A bonus level where you have to parallel park a car at high speed. This would require a hand-break button.
-New levels with more things to avoid, like other cars, dogs. You might also add some things you could get points for driving over on your way to park, such as Mormons and lawyers.
-A hand break for general game play (see above)
-different cars with different acceleration rates, to make it a little more challenging.

Overall, great work! Keep it up!

Credits & Info

3.08 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2009
4:00 AM EDT