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Pac On Crack

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This is a short movie that is derived from the pacman scene on the song Mope by Bloodhound Gang, CHECK IT!

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same things

this is pretty much the same thing as pacman on crack make up new ideas dude they'll probably be funnier..........

This is driving me crazy

This is just about as common as a bad pick-up line or a very bad joke. The first original one I saw was funny. But now that it has been copied and slapped onto some other animation, it just rots down to the core. Its just like all those WAZZUP! Flashes with Dragonball Z or Sonic or other icons. Please be original and come up with new jokes like that other flash about "Living with Pacman". This has no graphics and style. Has a copied vocal sounds that is not yours. The least you could have done is to use your own voice. Here is my advice. Start over and come up with your own ideas. Also practice on your artwork a bit more. So you won't have to copy paste pictures. Unless the resolution is good, it really hurts the flow of the flash. Last but not least... PLAGIARISM KILLS! Good luck on your next shot. Hopefully you do better.


y would you steal VGDC's idea and made it even worse?

im blowing the wistle on this one

That bitch stole that

OMFG you ppl are bitches thats like 5th person on newground that has copied that movie from w ww.videogamedc.c om(no spaces)
It was made by the sites owner friend dustin if you don't belive me check the site and the date was made long b4 this one and officially belongs to the site gay ass

There seems to be alot of crackPacman flashanims..

This was one of the badder...
The music ruled, the animation sucked. And why did you chop up the Lines?

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2.61 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2000
8:07 PM EDT