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(My personal best - 170.)
This is just a little game i put together which i found basic, but addicting and quite fun.

Everyone loves bubbles!

** Bubbles v0.0.0.1
**Bubbles v0.0.02 - **NEW**
(Added animation to bubble pops)


* Press the "S" button to mute sound.
* Pop as many bubbles as you can in the time limit.
* Bubbles reappear so there is never any limit to how many you can get - the only limit is your skill.
* Some little sound effects added

Enjoy, and please don't rate too harshly. I merley made this game for people to try and beat their scores a few times and just to kill some time.


**Can you beat the magic 200?**


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Fun and addicting, however I've seen this before.

One suggestion: you can use Math.round to round the average amount of bubbles, so it wont go off the screen.

RDBFLASH responds:

Ok Thanks


Awesome Game

I like it

I like this game because it is original and not like anything i have played before.

Room for improvement:
A little animation when the bubbles pops would go a long way in this submission


what was the point of that?

i think the idea is ok but the fact that goals are non existend and you don't get time bonuses is bad.

meh, i'll go with 3

RDBFLASH responds:

"what was the point of that?"
It is one of those beat-your-personal best oriantated games.

OK I like it

Ok it wasn't too bad once I figured out what to do and the point. Good music kinda addictive. All in all not bad at all