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pelican wars

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i made this all myself credit for sprites go to the person who made them
ps:plz vote my high score is:5000 beat that
controls:right =speed up
left =slow down
ctr=fire missles
up=move up
down=move down

-----------tips for noobs------------
1:the pelican is big but missiles can only hit you from the front
2:shoot 2 missiles at a time
3:use the after bunrner to dodge missiles
4:there is a lot of plases that missiles cant hit you on so look int that

oh and there is a easter egg in the game see if you can find it



The sprite is bad, it seems to have a chain gun attatched to the top of it for some reason, also the engine is not attatched... also why are the ghosts flying?, I took my pelican up high and it lost control and couldn't pull up until it hit under the map... the explosion takes up less then half the pelican and yet its sufficent to destroy all remaines of it. Ghost seem to have "dirt" on the top left of the sprite were a blue square is still not transparent. The purple ghosts explode with green shards (as do the wraiths). I am not sure if it is the "easter egg" or not but you can type where the score is and edit it you can also type in the loading screen.

ouch my soul :{

that game was weird and hard... you merely moved the background towards the ship..all you can do is pivot the ship...3 out of 10 -Fallflag


But fun


I'd only take time to review good games..
But I'm feeling adventurous,
so, you guessed it!
I'm reviewing this game.

The negative aspects to positive aspects iratio is just stunning:
-Slow pace.
-no story, no development whatsoever, as soon as you hit start, you're in the game.. Which is fine, but the game sucks anyways so it's pointless.
-The Pelican is way to fucking big, it's like trying to squeeze a fat person into a shopping cart.
-You can't aim, the missles are just way to laggy, so you can barely ever hit anyone.
-There's no music, so it just makes it that much more un-enjoyable.
-The graphics are good, but then again, you just got sprites from Spriters Resource or something and programmed them likewise, it would have been better if they were handdrawn, but seeing this game makes me doubt you have any sort of artistic talent.
-I don't care if this is your first game, or second game, of fucking five-millionth game, you should have some sense in you to polish your games before sending them into Newgrounds.
-I seriously could only play the game for about 30 seconds before I just made myself die to end it. (It's a wonder I even made it that far..)
-There's no point in going faster, if there's no point, you don't get to the end of this shitty game any faster, which I thought would work, but it didn't, so this game gets a big fat 0 for having NO FUCKING END. (Along with all the other said problems)

My only constructive critisism is to...
make better games.

LILKANG responds:

ok im 12 years old and i dont know that much about flash so its not my fault

Feels Unfinished.

I don't think its all bad, the makings for something better?
Dieing from one little dude dumpin' of a huge ship is BS...
Also no Health Meter or armor meter...If you don't know how
to do his there are mad tutorials on newgrounds.

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LILKANG responds:

k ill check them out

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1.21 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2009
11:43 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight