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You just died and that is just the start of your day. Now you must climb a massive stair and solve riddles given to you by everyone you bump into. Meet mythical beings and solve their riddles to get to your ultimate goal.

Use your mouse to select and handle letters and form words.
Hangman - click letters
Unscramble - drag letters to finished box after forming word in free form area
CrissCross - drag over letters to form word

Hangman and Unscramble also have dictionary help button for hints!

Fixed some spelling errors in story text. - Thanks JavutheScrunge!

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this game just seemed a little bit too boring and repetitive, but the concepts were cool. give it some more excitement - or, at least, as much excitement as you can put into a word game.

Such a turnoff...

I can't make friends with the devil... :'(

I liked it.

But there were some things I though took away from it a bit.
The cut scenes in between challenges were very long, mostly because you gave us about a full minute to read what should take us all only five seconds. I know that you incorporated a "skip" button, but I enjoyed the story. It is the thing that is built to hold you into an educationally built game. I just think that the slow dialogue rendered my interest a great deal.

The games you incorporated were nice and flowed well, but I thought it a little odd you were given the choice what game you completed...just kind of went against the whole "you're fighting your way to heaven" aspect. But, that might just be me. It also would've been nice to see some other games, rather than the three displayed. Such as a multiple choice "define the word" type of game. It is dictionary.com, use that website to it's fullest! ^_^

Overall, I thought the game was nice, though I kind of lost attention by the dialogue and repetitive game play. Keep up the good work!

Love it :)

I realy like this game - there are much to few of those brain-games around - but too many (crapy?) action/violence games - or games with no purpose.
It is challanging and the music gives a misterious and lovely atmosphere.
This is with no doupt a game people can play over and over again.


i cnt rly say anythin bad about this game
its complete, is challengin and kept me entertained for a good half hour!
it also gave my brain a good work out
i like the dictionary.com help system,saved me so many times
the only problem i could find was a few of the characters said 'proof' wen it shouldve been 'prove' but im not gona detract score 4 spellin mistakes
10/10 :D

fiddi responds:

Thanks JavutheScrunge. We'll get right on fixing the spelling errors. A word game with spelling errors is a bit funny :p

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2.88 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2009
7:57 AM EDT
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