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hood warz 5

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hey i know this thing is crawling with glitches but im 14 man its hard to learn this stuff :) anyway i will list some of the things you might find besides gameplay as i havent recived any comments about the extras

on the main screen if you click the guys eye he cry's lol i dont know why i did that but its there
theres two achivements one is for finding a pink didlo the other is hidden
there is a hidden book that will help you speed up the game
there are two seperate computers with things like webcam apps txt files picture and stuff
there is a hidden gun in the bosses office
in the music track listed y.m.m in "my crib" im the first one to sing or mc as its known in the uk
there are 3 arcade machines in the arcade i suggest you dont play the tanks game as it will allways crash your pc
there is a secret comic book called wog-i
you can get a game over in the extras and go to hell
there is a map of the neighbourhood
you can hide gangsters in the roof of the house

thats just some of the stuff youll find in this game
all the best

- huw

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First,there is a huge glitch in the game that will make like 20 guys come togetther in a blob 2 attack u.second the gameplay is very repetitive.and last but not least the money,how do they expect u 2 win when it's almost impossible to afford enough to kill the enmies.But if the person who created it could go back and re-do it it would be a good game.

hood warz 5

you mind telling me why at wave 22 all of my 'thugs' disapear

huw2k8 responds:

maybe it was a ghost or some government gang controll conspiracy :P
nah i really have never senn that glitch be for maybe you died ?


Meeh , kinda sux

huw2k8 responds:

you win some you lose some :)

Extremely glitchy

The gameplay is rather dry as nothing changes much and you cant do much of anything. Graphics are suckish and there really isnt a point to any of this. You just shoot them and they dont shoot back. How this game made it to a fifth version, I'll never know.

Not bad... but I have questions

How is the health calculated? it just seemed to randomly drop a couple every now and again even when I was creaming guys before they got to me...

What is the random multicoloured bar for?

Who is that blue guy at the bottom of the game screen?

by wave 32 I had filled the screen with heavy gunners and slowdown guys and I was whuppin the shixnay allover those sumbitchers and still the health would go down.. then suddenly I had well over 500 cash appear from nowhere and spent it.. looked away for a moment and all of a sudden all my guys were dead and there was some hghetto message I THINK telling me I failed...

This is a really easy fun and satisfying game... but the in game rules don't seem to mean anything as for some reason they keep changing... kind of odd, may be a bug you should check it out.. also the graphics could use some work but they don't take away from excellent gameplay well done.. fix it and I'd score you higher

huw2k8 responds:

the heath is calculated everytime a guy gets to the end .var "health" go's down by 1 once it hits zero your guys should vanish

the multicoloured bar represents the waves each colour is a wave

i was bored so i added the blue guy he's from the gang "the blue army"whitch is seen in hood warz 1 there might be some stuff bout him in exrtas

the reason you got loads of cash i because some men are bosses and are harder to killl hence the extra cash

if the message sed sumthing like damn son they kiked yo ass then it was game over

anyways thanks for the review i suppose its better than just sayin "meh kinda sux ^^ #cough#cough# (svenzoid) ^^

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3.24 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2009
6:30 AM EDT