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This is an enhanced version of the game at the end of Digital Genius, more rocks, more sums, more MATHS!

The controls are simple. Move your spaceship with the mouse to dodge the rocks, use the numpad to enter the answers to the sums to shoot!
The more rocks you shoot, the more time you get, but beware; you will lose time for touching a rock or pressing the wrong number.


Simone :)

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Good idea

But the gameplay doesn't work too well. The asteroids come at too quick a speed and it's difficult for me to look down at the keyboard and look up at the screen all while the very small time limit runs out...

tinymania responds:

Yep, it is tough at first (at least it was for me). There is a trick to it though - there are only a few equations so if you can remember them you'll soon be blasting space rocks like a legend!

good idea

the idea is awesome but have you played it yourself?
I'm great at maths , I'm one of those people who beat calculators even with square roots and stuff so these sums I had immediatly. Still after a while I couldn't keep up with all the rocks. (scored 355 on first go) not because of the math but because you target the largest rock instead of the one the closest to your ship.
If you change that and maybe add something to clear the entire field once in a while I could give you a 10.

tinymania responds:

Hmm, maybe a hardcore edition would do the trick? One where all the mini asteroids add up to the equation of the big asteroid?

Not a bad take

it's an original take on a classic, i'll give it that. however, if you just pay attention and read all the equations on your first play through, it's super easy. They don't change, it just uses the same bunch over and over. Once you've got those down, just get used to reading the fast ones and you can beat it. after the first play through there's no thinking involved if you have okay memory.

Fun for a few minutes, 3/5

tinymania responds:

Shhh! Don't tell everyone! :)

You're right, there are only a few equations in there. It's tricky to get the balance between thinking time and reaction time - would you have preferred more variety, maybe tougher equations?


I'm shit at maths so I lost every 3 seconds but anyway good concept. Not gonna rate it 0 coz I lost. It's my problem XD

tinymania responds:

Ha! I admire your attitude! I'm not too hot at maths either - the trick (as ShivnDragn has discovered) is to memorize the equations.

Top Score!!

For now.