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Millie Megavolte 6 Part 2

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UPDATE: Parts 3 and 4 are not on Newgrounds but can be played at MillieMegavolte.com.

After being chased into hiding by the Ohnmouthe Guard, Millie and Lance stumble upon the grungy pit of Ogg'khar the ogre. As it turns out, the demons they were after weren't the only ones--there are more of them deep within the Depths doing who knows what. Play as either Millie Megavolte or Lance LeTourre and put a stop to whatever they're doing.

NOTE: Some things in the game may act weird upon resizing.

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I love another part of Millie 6. :D :D

genial mucho mejor que el anterior

me gustan mucho estos juegos 10/10 5/5


It is nice to know that I'm not the only nobody who likes this game. As with #6 pt. 1, I like most of the artwork. To be honest, though, the lava cascades look like crap, even though we all know that the Millie 5 FREESPACE-2-STYLE-HULL-RIPPING-BEAM-C ANNON-esqe lava cascades weren't very realistic, but they looked better. I like the facelift on the Skeleton Knight Things introduced in 6 pt. 1, and many of the gel monsters look great. The fire on the flame gels could use improvement (such as looking like actual flames), but in spite of that it is pretty much fine how it is. I like how pissed off they look. :)
Something I didn't really like about this installment is that overall the regular level part is harder on easy than any of the other installments on hard difficulties (sans 1 2 and 3, of course, since they don't have difficulty settings, but still harder than them). It took me an hour of total time to finish part 2 (yeah, I know, I suck! D:)... but the thing was, the boss fight in this had to be one of the easiest boss fights in this whole series. I had a harder time fighting gem head than this joke of a monster, "said to be able to devour men with it's very stare"... I read that on your forum and thought that there'd be something relating to that. The Ahiwai does look totally BA, though.
But even after the boss fight, there were way too many "O LOOK TEH GAM HAET U" moments, specifically with those moving platforms that go through lava cascades or over a lava "lake", and whenever a fire gel happens to be JUST ON THE VERY EDGE of a ledge, and he 'zerks because you're jumping, and then you fall into the lava and you hear about how either Millie unimpressively died before lunchtime or why Lance was pathetic to the point that Millie was going to be his replacement.
Although I hate the "You kinda died" screen with a passion, I like that it is there, and that I have grown to hate it. I'm not exactly sure why, but I think it may have something to do with the whole "annoy the hell outta someone who consistently dies" or something along those lines. I do think that the comments made by the other character could use some kind of work to be less lame, but then again, I wouldn't know what to do. I kinda liked Millie Megavolte 5's approach to a game over screen better... heh.

As far as the fun factor, other than hearing about how Millie dies before lunch or why Millie was going to be Lance's replacement OVER AND OVER AGAIN, it was pretty fun, as the latest Millie Megavolte games were. 5 and 6 seem to both have consistent gameplay. This one is just a bit harder, I suppose. The boss fight was innovative, but a bit easy, and the game hates players a lot, forcing you to take too many leaps of faith to... :<
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Myroid responds:

Yeah, pretty much.


So far, so good for Part 2 of Millie Megavolte 6! :D The backgrounds and the music were fitting, and the fact that this is (kind of) your very first piece of flash that included voices (and ones that fit the characters so well, I might add)... I was just so impressed!

But the reason why I gave you a 9/10 for this is that I kind of have to agree with snowfender, the voice of Millie: the game IS kind of hard, even set at Easy difficulty. However, that's only minor complaint, and I'm not being a total wuss about this.

Still, great job on this game! Can't wait for Part THREE! :D

Myroid responds:

I made some changes to make the game easier and they're live on the official site.

a bit hard

but i like it. i tried playing on easy but it was still really hard for me (maybe i just suck though). however, i really like the graphics and the music. =D i just wish the life didn't go down SO much everytime i'm hit. but still, nice job =)

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Jul 29, 2009
6:37 PM EDT