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The aim is to move a ball to the end of each level. There's a twist, however: you don't control the ball!

Use the magnets in a level to attract the ball towards them, and rotate the levels to circle obstacles.

Avoid the deadly traps and make your way to the end of the 60 levels!

Click on a magnet to use it - you can keep the button down while moving the mouse away from the magnets. Use the left and right arrows to rotate the levels that allow you to do it.
Press Space to retry a level and Escape to return to the main menu.

You sometimes have to be creative with what you're given. If you click on a magnet and keep the mouse button down, the ball will stay on that magnet - you can then move your mouse freely and as long as you don't release the button, the ball won't move. However, if you touch another magnet during this time, the ball will rush towards it - use this to your advantage.
You may also have noticed that the magnets not only attract the ball, they also make it spin. If you click on a magnet once, the ball will spin clockwise, but if you click the magnet again, the ball will spin counter-clockwise. In some levels, this helps a lot.


Hi everyone!
Thanks for playing MagnetiBall. Thanks to you, it got Daily 2nd Place and was featured!

If you have any comment, question, praise or criticism, feel free to send me a PM. Your opinion is very important to us! Thanks again.

Yes, this game can be really slow on some computer. The fact that you have a good graphics card won't change anything. I read every review and while I'm a bit sad that MagnetiBall lags so much (everytime I've played it on various PCs it was fine so I didn't know), I'm even more sorry about the fact that I won't be able to give you a better optimized version. This game is the work of four developers and the coder doesn't want to change anything in the code anymore. So, if it runs smoothly on your PC, enjoy the game and if it doesn't, don't bother playing.
Sorry, and thanks again for all your comments!

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I like the concept of rotating hte room. My only complaint is that pressing space wouldn't work if you killed yourself on a trap - you had to press "play". Other than that, awesome.

Laggy, but amusing

We've seen this type of game before, but the concept doesn't grow old. The idea of using gravity by turning the room added a bit to it. It was fun until about the Time Machine level, when it started really lagging for me.

No fun

not fun at all..to laggy

I give it a thumbs up

It's quite hard actually , yet fun !! I enjoyed playing this flash

great but not the best

this is one game i rather have on the iphonee!Its fun, but not something u would play often, this game i would play it to pass time! good job though!!

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3.35 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
5:36 PM EDT