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Author Comments

A deceptively simple, extremely quirky and incredibly addictive "avoider game" that takes mere minutes to learn but is impossible to master! Absorb energy, purchase abilities, obliterate enemies and force the game to work FOR you!

Survive as long as possible and submit your score to the FAILBOARDS to see if you suck less than everyone else!

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This is a great game and really theres no way you can live unless you got a fast mouse and a quick mind i turned my mouse speed to max and just rushed the 3 in my favor and smashed the +hp because if you dont the siphon kills you every time.....whiping the screen is just useless and 1 in favor is as well your better off just hoping siphon doesnt kick in or its game over other than that great game but id kick down the diffuculty a bit as it gets wayyyyyy to hard to fast


the music was cool but this game... its a piss off, the game insults u so yea, OFCOURSE IMMA DO SOMETHING ELSE!!!! its a good concept for a game but i dont like to be insulted by a game.


Why is this hard? I don't know. the math in my head is going:
Hardness Equals Fun times Time alive, or
Hardness = Fun X Time alive
This isn't very fun, E.G. its not very hard.
too ambiguous power ups, the menus are horrible. the cursor growing in size means that to survive, i didn't grab any energy for the entire game. eventually, the energy disappeared and i was there with just enemies. okay. thats FEWER things for my mind to deal with. WTF mates?
Again though, the atrocious menu system caused me to ignore most parts of the game. Look, I'm not bombing this game, i just think some features were thrown at the wall and hoped they stuck. nice music, visuals, idea.

Pretty Good

It's pretty good. After a while of playing it I realized that you have to scramble to gather up the energy, otherwise the game will just keep getting harder until it's impossible to survive. That makes the game a good balance of avoiding the enemies and getting the energy cubes. I like the insults that are put in here and there, they made me laugh a bit. Furthermore, the voice acting is really good. It makes it seem like the game really is trying to defeat you. Very nice indeed.

However, there are a couple things that could be better. First, I suggest that you give a description on what each power up does in the How section. It may help if you're trying to come up with a strategy to survive. Second, I would suggest allowing the player to purchase the highlighted powerup by clicking the mouse as well as using e and spacebar... for some reason I think that would be more natrual as far as controls go. Also, I would suggest making your square brighter when you run out of health. Right now, when you are really low on health, your square disappears. That makes it virtually impossible to dodge enemies because you can't see where the boarders of the square is. Still, nice game overall.

Oh, and for those wondering, here are a list of the powerups and what they do:

Plus Sign - Restore some health.
Down Arrow - Destroy all enemies on screen.
Left/Right Arrows - Game changes conditions in your favor the next time the energy bar is full (or adds 1 to the number of times it will do so in the future.)
Plus Sign (with superscript 6) - Equal to 6 restore health powerups.
3 - Game changes conditions in your favor the next 3 times the energy bar is full (or adds 3 to the number of times it will do so in the future.)

Also, note that the left/right arrows and/or the 3 powerup will always remove the health siphon first, if it's activated...

Nice, but...

This is actualy square avoider with better graphicks and sounds.
Try make the pentagons and "energy box upgrade thingy things" bounce of realistic.
Then it would be a lot more fun!
Also, arrow key movement? WASD?
But, its still a fun game.

CrashNovaGames responds:

Thanks for the review! I'll check into "square avoider" and see what's up!

Credits & Info

4.08 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
2:44 PM EDT