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My first published game - a simple arcade game.

I've made this game only for fun but had a bit of luck
- it got a sponsorship in three days after publishing :).

I'd like to put some music/sounds into this piece, but don't have any.
If you have some good loops that fits with style of this game and want to put it in, please contact me.
Maybe, i'll have luck for second time :D


Decent game all around.

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The only complaint at all would be the organization of the menu. It looked like it was just thrown together and plopped right in the middle of the screen. In my opinion that could be organized much better and perhaps the text/font that you used could have been a bit bigger to be easier on people when they read it.

Other than that the controls worked fine, the animation was smooth and all around the graphics were decent. Nothing too great, but nothing bad by any means.

~ Story/Content ~

What a simple game, but what a wonderful game at the same time. I personally haven't seen too many games this simple, but yet fun and addicting. That being said it could use some better upgrades and more complex action, but not a bad start at all.

~ Audio ~

It does need audio and/or sound effects. When you get an upgrade you could have a simple sound effect, when you lose a life, when you fly, etc.. At the same time just search the audio portal here for some ambient stuff. I'm sure the search wouldn't be more than 5 or 10 minutes as there is some great stuff on the audio portal here.

~ Overall ~

A very simple, but effective game. Keep up the good work and congrats on getting sponsored.

Loved every second of it :D

maybe more game modes?
more physics in it?
gravity surrounding the planets?

i really liked it. thank you for this.

good, but not good for me

Its simple yet kinda addictive + I suck at this, a devastating combination ;)

And your right, sounds would've been nice of course.

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I enjoy the challenge in this game.It was difficult to make circ stay but thats what makes it good


The game was simple and it had little to keep me playing for more than a minute or two. One thing I noticed though is the ball controls a little oddly. Circ should travel in a path tangent to the point of release. Instead he releases perpendicular, which I was confused about at first but I quickly got the hang of it. That's a nit-pick though, so I don't mind. More variety would be nice.

Defyn responds:

Yes, i've heard the same from my peers., who were testing that.
I'm not sure about that it will be better to release Circ this way. But as you are the second who says it to me, i'll try it and test it.

Thanks for all posts, they are VERY helpful for me! ;)

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3.00 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
12:44 PM EDT
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