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Wizard Defense

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My 2nd Completed Game

NOTE - THIS GAME HAS SIZE 4.5 MB. SO BE PATIENT while downloading it

Rage , fury , and anger of monster hordes are coming to your hometown, Aludra Village.
It is time for you to control Fahn the wizard to raise his staff before Aludra village vanguished into dust.
Learn 12 spells from 4 elements Thunder , Fire , Ice and Earth to crush 19 monster races and survive for 35 levels to win this battle


Mouse to defend
~ 1 2 3 4 = to switch spell ( only works when you have multiple active spells )
esc to pause or set game options
Don't worry there will be a tutorial while playing


- Focus on upgrading two or three spells for early games .
- Upgrade damage and spell charge first before spell cooldown duration.
- Look the incoming enemy's status first and check for their weaknesses before starting a mission
- Save the game before you spend your gems after you clear a level
- Enemies with VANISH ability can still be stunned , slowed and burned
- To charge your limit break faster . Equip and use two spell that share the same element with your limit break spell
- Easter strike is very good for stopping enemies moving in groups
- Zeus Wrath is extremely useful for boss battle at the later level , while the other limit breaks spells are best for creeps
- Boss enemies drop lots of gem , so try to beat them , especially at early levels.

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Welp, i got it on first try.
It's really challenging in the end.

I thank you for this game.

You made this too difficult but had the right idea. Thank you!

Super crazy hard when approached from my general defense perspective (ie. save up and grab aoe higher tier skills as quickly as possible.)

I commend the addictive gameplay, upgrade system, and hearty challenge.

My only complaints are a lack of aoe targeting box when placing spells and lack of information about just how much element weakness boosts damage.

Protips: the first tier stuff is just better, even up to the last stage. My build was ice, lightning, rock 1st tier and rock 2nd, with rock critical, right up until lvl 25, and it probably could have taken me all the way til the end (35) except for the odd need of ligning 2nd tier. Fire seems to be useless, only being redeemed in that it's dot can hurt invisible things, though not enough to be useful. You'll need a good amount of health by the last stage, or the capacity to be really badass, in order to get through.

Rock 2nd is great for blocking. Lightning 2nd is pretty cool when shot totally diagnally. element weakness is a 1.5x multiplier.

great game

this is a great game but i have some suggestions for elements like air, water ,gem , sun and moon if you want more please tell me .

Awesome Game!

I played this game for like 4 hours straight, It's so addictive! You should totally make a sequel :D

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3.49 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2009
9:29 AM EDT