Miscar Redrum: Episode 2

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This is the second episode in the Miscar Redrum series, I've spent longer on this movie then anything ever, I hope you enjoy it, if you haven't seen the first one, watch that first, I don't like the first one, but it helps the story line, if you don't watch it you'll be lost, and if you are anyway, then, oh well, enjoy the movie
P.s: Have a hectic Day!



Man that music loop blew ass and hell well you could bruch up on your graphics cuse that was bad adn hell i could not here the speach damn work a little harder and the series would be better

What the hell?

The characters were poorly animated, and the music loop was horrable! and it was too loud, i couldnt hear the voices.

yet another shitty miscar movie

i remember back when i first started flash, i sucked this bad. but then i owned it for more than a week and got better. you seem to lack the potential for improvement. i like the concept though. the kid's soul going into the doll and shit. and the doll's design is cool. although it's a blatent ripoff of the KoRn doll. please, wait a few months before releasing another movie. practice on flash for a while, then continue the series.

Pretty cool

Tool poster in the background, very nice, that's why you get a fiver =P

Good plot

It's a pretty decent horror series. I think a couple more episodes would be great.

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2.76 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2002
10:16 PM EDT
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