Frown Nation

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[EDIT] - Sorry I just found out after I submitted the "loop" didn't loop.

I followed Walter Reid's tutorial to make this game from scratch. It took forever even with the tutorial, but I think it was worth it. The music is Cold Blooded by Rek Nietz Lawe.

The nation of the Frowns is under attack by their arch rivals: the Smiles. Can you fend the attackers off with the Frown Nation's incredibly advanced machinery or will Frown Nation fall to the smiles?

Comment and rate please, I will reply if possible.



i immediatly thought "why" when i saw this, seriously all you have done is taken walters source file, changed the creeps image into a smiley face dude,added music and changed a bit of text. you could of at least made your own menu and HUD systms, you could of also changed and added some more things..this is almost a complete rip off, you should make more original games like your other ones on your profile.


i made a walter reid one as well
mighn had millie faces aswell


It's just another Tower Defence game. not very fun

JXYEAH responds:

Well, everyone has their own opinion

Good starting point

But the instructions should disappear after you place the first tower, and you should be able to click next wave instead of waiting..

Also the graphics could use improving, but as I said its a nice start point :]

JXYEAH responds:

Their is a next wave button, it's that colored box at the bottom

Very Addicting

As simple as it is it is very addicting...

JXYEAH responds:

Thank you

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2.85 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2009
4:24 AM EDT
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