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A platformer with a twist! Push your way to victory over 75 levels then try the 1,000s of player created levels or make your own!

Arrow or WASD keys to move the little fella. Click and hold to push the level around. Push and hold up to grab on to blocks.

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This is great!

The bubble that pushes everything around is a fun, unique mechanic. Like how bright and colorful this game is.

Only downside is that the controls and bubble were somewhat sensitive. This made more difficult levels very challenging. The most fun was in easier levels with many different solutions.

Cool idea, but the controls

I love the idea, but the controls need to be less sensitive or something. I was finding it hard to get my character to make the perfect landings and jumps that I needed to make. But again, really cool idea.


Interesting Idea. The directions do get stuck though and It took me a while to figure out what to do but still good.


Well, that was awesome. Really fun; original, pleasant art style, nice music (could do with a few more tracks, and on that note, perhaps some different scenery). A story might have been nice.

But as its own little package, this is a nice, neat, and fun game. It's a little bit easy to get squished, since it comes out of nowhere. Visually flattening the little guy's sprite before killing him would have been a nice warning. And kudos on not being a bitch with respawn times and game over screens, but why do I have to press a button to respawn? Why not just do it instantly?

It has a mute function, which is obviously good, though it's a shame you can't mute only the music or only the SFX. But that's not a big deal. This definitely deserves a couple of awards, and probably a front page.


kinda fun but very buggy