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Steampunk Rally

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Author Comments


new game here.. want to thank everybody who helped make it happen, it is a fun game. The idea for this game came to back in April, and we have been busy at work coming up for the designs for this game. IF you don't know what "Steampunk" is, be sure to check it out (google or bing it) I learned a whole lot creating this game.
Don't be too quick to judge.
Note** if you dont like side scrolling bike/vehicle games, this is not a game for you. Sorry :)

Artist: Aaron Perez
Coder: Chris Fuller

p.s. if anybody can help me figure how to get these guys in as collab please help.

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The gameplay is good. The graphics are okay and they fit the steampunk theme. The music doesn't fit the theme and it's getting annoying in a hurry.


I don't mean to be mean but graphics are bit bad and the music is bad but everything else is very good.


Is this the future ?!?

good, but...

you got the steampunk graphics down pretty well, and the gameplay is fun, the bike handles well. but i feel that the music is off for the theme, something classical would have fit the bill better.

great game!!

awesome game. no really, I love the sidescrolling bike concept! and this is probably the best I've ever played. (though I thought the vehicles were a bit slow.)
there are a few things that I really miss in EVERY game of his type.
first of all: upgrades. changes keep games interesting. well, atleast they do to me.
for example you should concider upgrades like speed, balans and wheight (less weight when upgraded.) it also would be really awesome if the looks of the vehicles change with every upgrade. for example, if you upgrade speed, the engine changes, so that you start out with, for example, the choice between a really crappy looking bike and atv, and when fully upgraded they look really freaking awesome like the monster truck looking thing you end with. and maybe not just stick with one colorscheme. it would be cool to have some variety in it. maybe it does make the vehicles look cooler to. I understand your choice for this colorscheme though. else it wouldn't be steampunk;) but maybe you can, if you DO chose just one color scheme, make the vehicles so that they look more aerodynamic or something like that.
second thing: good music. it's always nice having an awesome background music in a game. try to find some good ingame music for your games.
third thing: special effects. it would be really cool to see some more interaction with the surroundings. things like sparks if you crash and smoke that interacts with the surroundings would really boost up the joy.
just a few things you really should NOT put in a game like this: a hp bar, a maximum of tries and the only thing wich, besides the music, really drove me nuts ijn this one: gaps between obstacles wich you just can't get out of. I mean okay there's to be ways to get stuck so you'll have to restart in a game like this, but not like this. everytime you think: oh I'm gonna get out of it ...and than you fall back! that's really anoing.
but maybe you shouldn't change it cause it's also part of the satisfaction if you DO make it I guess;)
but these are all just tips ofcourse. do whatever you want with your games. I love it when people just go there own way! maybe it'll bring some awesome ideas with it to!
well guess I'd better not make this review much longer than it is right now. love you're game, love the graphics and the controls!=)
just keep on the good work and you'll make even greater games than this one so that I can rate them all 10;)

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2009
3:07 PM EDT