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Thanks everybody for reviewing and critizising. It helped me.
I think the biggest problem is that everybody thinks it is pacman game and would work like that. But it just uses the characters of that game, it is not a pacman game at all.
So I have to make that more clear, maybe by an introduction before starting the game like somebody suggested.

This is the Neave Pacman where i changed the roles of the characters: the ghosst have to guard four pacman, watching out that noone of them leaves the maze. They got the following possibilities to prevent thatt: dodging a pacman into another direction, get a powerpill or lock the tunnels with a key (L or R-key of the keyboard). Collect more keys when they appear.
Collect all paper-snippets to reach the next level.

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Good thinking, but executionally weak.

Buggy, as was mentioned: I also had the "no penalty for hitting a pac-man" error, and in addition I (4x) got into a mode where all of the characters' positions on the screen wouldn't change but apparently were still moving programmatically (I would die shortly after). I think that this bug was prompted by hitting a left or right arrow while in an up-down corridor, but that may not have always been the case.

Pretty nice.

It reminded me of the game of PacMan that some forums usually use. I liked how you switched the roles of the enemy and player, but maybe next time try making the colors a little less dark? It hurt my eyes whenever I was playing the game. Also try making the ghosts move around a little more, after I collect the key and go to an exit, the PacMan's always there first. The game has potential, but still needs a little work.


If you're going to use neave pacman and work with that then what I would do is get the neave pacman and tone down the colors a bit and make it look like old style pacman. Make the cherries blocky instead of perfectly round. Change the font on the opening title. Make it look old. I would like to play pacman with a more retro look than playing as a ghost.

A nice turn on the traditional

style of gameplay. But the execution of it all is ridiculous. A soon as you spawn, a PAC man goes to the exit. before you could even reach there. In other words, unless you have a key (which are far and few in between each other) the game is impossible. Please rethink and try again.


I found this Game quite confusing. I like the idea how u switched the roles of pac man and the ghost. At the start i had no idea what i was doing until i read the Author comments.

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2.73 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2009
5:46 AM EDT