A True Legend 2

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My 2nd Game, id say 1 VS 1 Mode Is Better Than The Campaign Which Is Short, If There Are Any Bugs/Glitches Please Say So. Hope this is better than my first "A True Legend" have Fun Playing :D


Good Work!

First of all, it was a fun game for a while, the campaign mode was a tad too easy, but it was fun. Like you said in the description the VS mode was way better ( Me and my friend had a few duels..Unfortunately he beat me ;(...) The Music was well fitting, the game play was fair, the graphics were also descent and overall A fun game.

Keep Up the Good Work ;) 7/10 ... 4/5

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To easy

it was okay but i found it to easy


it was alright..
could be better with graphics and better movement..

JasonG5 responds:

Will DO (if i make number 3 ..)


It's better than the first. The graphics are average, the sound is decent. The music rocks, perfect song choice in my opinion. However, I need directions on how to control the character. I literally had to just mash buttons before I found the attack button (press the "L" key) and I found the "k" key attack to be fustrating as it drains health. The animation is decent as well.

Overall though, for your second game, this is pretty good. Keep working at it, I expect great things from you. 6/10.

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JasonG5 responds:

How you play should be in How To, and Yeah, if i spent more time my 3rd one might be even better, since my first one is like ... 1.86, and this has a score of 2.68 .. Im happy about it ... ... Thanks for the comment


Start with the positive, the music was good and fit the theme pretty well.

You need to spend more time on the art though, I mean the boss of your campaign consisted of a few filled boxes, I could do something more impressive in MSpaint!

Take your time and you'll come up with something good.

JasonG5 responds:

Yeah, Hmm Art .. I just find drawing on computers is a pain .. a real pain ..

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3.15 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2009
3:48 PM EDT
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