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Unfortunate Necromancer 2

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Author Comments

This game is the sequel to The Unfortunate Necromancer. After raising his pet cat from the dead, our fledgling necromancer battled off the first wave of the undead army he'd (accidentally) released... but the situation remains grim as another wave of ghosts, skeletons, and liches approaches.

Fortunately, the necromancer's master has sent along his manservant, Igor, to help this time. And, the necromancer has a chance to upgrade his skills in between the waves of fetid undeath rolling towards him.


Short-short version:
Click to shoot, press S to send Igor to collect items.

Click to shoot fireballs. Use these fireballs to destroy the undead. Keep an eye on your blue mana bar at the top of the screen -- if it is empty you will be unable to shoot fireballs; your mana will refill over time

If a ghost reaches the necromancer in the center of the screen you will loose one heart from the health meter at the top of the screen. If all your hearts are lost, the game will end.

The necromancer must remain still to cast his spells, but pressing "S" will send Igor to collect any item you're pointing at. Collect gold to use in the shop, and red potions to recover health.

After each level you will be allowed to purchase upgrades in the shop using any gold you've collected. These upgrades can increase your damage, improve your rate of mana recovery, add hearts to your health meter, and improve Igor's speed.

Complete 25 levels to win the game.

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Very good

Simple graphics yet lacking the need for awe-inducting ones, frustrating yet addictive and plenty for my taste ... ... ... ... ... one more thing, I H-A-T-E those thieves :P

Very good

I got to lvl 20 something. This game was strangely addicting. More like a "I cant let this game beat me!" kind of addiction. Simple graphics but awesome game play! Those thieves are quick!!


Fun game but in level 20-something, Igor broke and couldn't get me a much needed potion and I died. Sorry, bugged games don't get 10s.


loved it
new concept and very fun
keep up

pretty good

It was a pretty fun game; the only thing I can think of to change is: you should be able to shoot the robbers too.

Also it would be nice, if you have bought all the upgrades to be able to buy for a large amount of gold to make it so you just press s and Igor goes for the nearest health potion without you having to aim since you don't need money anymore. But I can also understand there should probably be some skill to get your health back. idk.

Credits & Info

3.44 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2009
3:22 PM EDT