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Author Comments

Various pathways lead to different weapons, some levels unlock secrets. You might need to play it few times to see all weapons.

Game description:
Enter the role of professional bodyguard and escort a pop-band of young and beautiful girls and protect them while they are giving the series of shows all around the city.Thirteen upgradeable weapons will help you in your task.

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Funy and simple...

First of all, let me point out the good aspects of the game...

The concept works, just like the good ol' fashion arcade shooters.
The game has a good build-up along with the balance. You start out with a simple
hand gun to shoot a few enemies to get familiar (again) with the game concept.
Good choice for adding a Choice Element to the game that increases the replay
value to it. Each level, the tension rises which gives the player a new challenge
every level. This keeps the player's attention and it functions as motivation. The
player will be curious about what challenge lies within the next level... Also
getting powerful weapons (and different ones that depend on your choice)
makes it more interesting.

BUT, however... Everytime you gain a new weapon, you end up only shooting
with the the latest (powerful) one. I've tried to switch between weapons on
some points just to see if it would pay off. The weapons don't seem to have
their own advantage (and / or disadvantage) that encourages the player to
switch between his arsenal.

Too bad you stick with the same concept without trying to vary (enough) with
other gameplay elements like side challenges. If I'm correct, I did see some sort
of Bonus stage comming by "Get at least 85% Accuracy". I cleared the challenge,
but without real noticable outcome, actually I didn't know what my reward was...

Another thing on the weapons... I wander if you've prototyped the shooting
system before using it. It just didn't feel 100% correct, I missed Headshot while
I was surely convinced that I was standing right in front of them when I shot
them in the face... I noticed that the guns had a varying offset while I was aiming.
Did you find this necessary for the design? (Just as a question for yourself)
What is the additional value to the game by adding this to the game? How do
the players respond to it?

The same thing with the Weapon Upgrades... What is additional value of these
upgrades? Is the accuracy improved? What function does a Silenced weapon
have? Does it affect my accuracy? Can I remove this feature from my weapon?
These are some questions you can ask yourself as a Designer. Don't forget to
prototype your designs before you are sure about the effects of it and what
your own intention to the game is.

So the concept works, it kept my attention through the whole game. Only there
was no reason for me to play it again (not even for the other weapons)...
It was fun while it lasted, so I give it a 7.

Remember, I judge on skill level (NOT on professional level).
Keep creating new things, experiment with new concepts and be sure to
test 'em first before publishing it. =)

Please let me know what you think of this feedback. If you're interested I can
give you more in-depth feedback about the game and other tips about Game
Design if you like... Feel free to PM me anytime... ^___^


Erik van Wees

Pretty Good, but:

Weapons - Make them purchasable and upgradable; it will make the game more fun.

Music - Maybe try to incorporate different songs instead of one playing over and over.

Demo - Is it just me, or did I see "BUY THE FULL VERSION"? Having said that, provided this IS a demo, I'd have to say that this game is invalid. DEMOS ARE NOT TO BE UPLOADED. NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY A DEMO. We want full games only. We are NOT going to buy any games.

Thank you.

Enkord responds:

this NOT a demo... it advertises downloadable MMO game called GUNROX which is completely different game (trun-based tactics) and also FREE to play.

Pretty good

it was funny, and had me playing for a little bit... maybe make the weapons buyable and upradable instead of just finding them

Credits & Info

3.07 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2009
2:24 PM EDT