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Dirgantara - First Phase

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Author Comments

Instant fix: One of the SLAVE was broken, fixed it and put more power on the slave. the game will be easier now.


Hi everyone. Today i give you a challenge : A Bullet-hell single-level SHMUP that i made when i was bored. It's difficulty is rather high so least expect on finishing it on the first try. The enemies' pattern are fixed and synchronized to the song, so try to memorize the pattern, place the SLAVEs on the right place, find the efficient way to destroy their pattern. No bombs, no second try, skill + tactics only.

Arrow keys : Navigate
Z : Shoot
X : Change SLAVE's command

There are infinite armor/out options that will cut off your points by half and you won't get bonus points on finishing the game. Use them for practice only. If the game lags, tweak with the graphics options.

project site: fandrey.lucidrine.com

PS: Fails will not make you a loser. Practice makes perfect ;)

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Amazing! Absolutely stunning!

I'd give it a perfect 10, but instead knock it down 1 measely little point, just becaus of no customizable controls, like previus people have stated.

this is a great stage for a bullet hell game, and relies on strict pattern memorization as well as good sight and skill. I love the ability to make my SLAVES enter a formation anywhere i want. My only gripe is the fact that the SLAVES have their own lifebar, which ends the game as it reaches zero, which adds greatly to difficulty. However, it's not a bad thing, it's just different than standard shmups that only have the ship you control as the objkect with hitpoints. Still can't beat the boss yet, but i will KEEP TRYING! :D


Absolutely incredible. If I were to sit down and hammer out perfection at this game, my skills would become drastically better.

nice, but as always...

no configuration for the buttons ... for users with different language-settings than english (f.e. germans) it is noit very comfortable to play, if my own y-key is meant for your z-key .. got big hands, but this is not my thing ...

besides: nice idea, goot and smooth graphics .. but add mouse navigation or at least customizable keyboard commands

I've complained about it before...

...and I'll complain about it again. This would be a 9/10 if you had included the WASD keys as secondary movement keys and something else for fire/shoot. Too many times I couldn't maneuver out of harms way because of my inaccuracy of my right hand. A pause key would be nice as well.
The gameplay and music is great from what I've seen/heard so far.

Overall, a great game, but I had to knock it down a point due to a few control problems I had.

Everyone loves bullet hell shooters!

Maybe it's because I have a soft spot for bullet hell shooters (especially ones that have millions of lollis in them), but this game is great.

The problem is, this game would be amazing, if it were just longer. I don't know if I missed anything or not, but I could only enter one segment. This game that you have gave us seems like a practice stage for one of your stages for the real game. And another thing. Since this is a bullet hell shooter you should put in a practice mode. I know arcade shooters don't do that, but this isn't an arcade shooter. Most people probably don't have the skill to just go through a bullet hell as they would a normal shooter. Along with adding a practice mode, you should add difficulties as well. Why? Look above.

Now from the segment that I played, everything was fantastic. The visuals were amazing, the difficulty was solid, the music was great, and the controls were fluid. You got that down. You even have the SLAVE system good too. It could have been better, like as you progress you get more SLAVE formations, and you could choose which you want to use, or having power ups/upgrades. I would rather choose the latter (second) choice, as having only these two formations add difficulty.

Overall this could be a great game, but it's not, as it seems like only a single stage was made. If you added more depth, like some storyline, and more segments, and improve the things I stated above, then this would be an amazing game. Also, you might want to add a control configuration, because I would prefer pressing SHIFT than X (silly IN Remi).

Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2009
10:22 AM EDT