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Just Press the RIGHT Arrow Key to go RIGHT and the LEFT Arrow Key to go LEFT. Bounce your way to the finish of each level. TIP: Each time you bounce, the height you reach will reduce. Bigger bounces Lose you more height.

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it keeps falling through invisible wholes

I don't know if you meant to put them but take them out...

It's tricky...

But in a fun, addictive, "man, I have to pass this level" kind of way.

Impossible controls

Sorry - I had to put it 3/10 as I simply could not control the ball. Usually in a game like that you can jump. Here you only go left and right. Besides ball oscillates way too much - as I write this review I made the ball bounce left and right, it hit through something and now it sits out in a blue sky. ;) I think you need to ask someone to play this game and watch him/her do it. ;)