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Alien Flight

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The aliens are gathering forces in an attempt to destroy your world. Your mission: infiltrate and destroy the alien mothership before they are able to care out their plans.

Try not to hit anything as you fly through the ship and watch out for enemy drone bots - they will blast you to hell and back if you give 'em the chance.

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Well this was actually a decent game, allthough I do think that depth perception could use some work and a better hit detection location area, but the idea of this game is actually notbad at all, you do have something here and a decent story and kind of entertaining just needs some polish to it. So not to make the review too long I will end it here shortly So with this flash it was actually pretty good, I liked the effort you put forward on this but there are still a few more things here and there that could make it even better, now ofcourse there was some improvments that could make it much better i suggested some ideas below, but for what it is you presented a good flash with an entertaining and replay value, So good luck on anything else you have planned.

I do think that depth perception could use some work and a better hit detection location area, Thats something you could really work on.



Well, I could easily compare this to the previous Alien-themed game you submitted, and I think this was better, but not by much. My biggest complaints was that the depth perception just did nothing. I have no idea if I'm going to hit something and I still don't know what that space button does. For all of its faults though, I still have to praise this for having a lot of great graphics that really fit the mood and theme well.


Im sorry but you can't SHOOT??? Plz take this as a tip.

You need to work on your crash detection.

It needs some serious work.

Not bad

It's not bad, but the depth perception on the game seems to be off. I think it would have better if the camera moved along with the ship that way you can see if you can actually go under something or around something. Too many times I died because I should have been able to go around something but it hit me.