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Pixel Boy: S.Adventure

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Side scroller arcade game about Pixel Boy unbelievable adventures. You'll have a travel in three different locations as well in one bonus location.

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Nice concept but...

It gets kinda boring after a while...
The story is funny and the game itself is fun but it repeats itself AND some of the platforms are moving too fast...

Nice game, but...

It isnt fun to play the game all over, just becuz u didnt get the 1 fruit in the last level to open extra stuff.... You should make some kind of a save system...

Patlatik responds:

May be it's my bad idea to split levels only for 3 groups (episodes), and if you don't collect any fruit you must replay curent levels group again. Thanks for you comment.


very interesting game, funny little story, but dude, the moving platforms move way to fast, at least for me.

Patlatik responds:

Some of platforms you can jump over :) Remamber Mario 1 platforms speed, our time games are lot of eazy.

not the best game...

this kind of game style has been over used since mario. but at least it was amusing for a bit

Not very notable

Looks okay. Its kinda boring and short. In a way similar to any platformer.