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Author Comments

Wow! I didn't think it'd take THIS long to finish (but I was learning Ableton Live at the same time, which was a pleasant distraction. Cheers Dave!)
Well gang, here's number 2. Hopefully the next one will be assembled in the correct order and therefore not take so long. I've got about a hundred ideas that need to be squashed and squished into some kind of "story". Actually, FUCK the story! I enjoy the free-form randomness that my brain normally deals in!
Anyway, watch the dirty thing and don't forget; "It's only a cartoon... It's only a cartoon..."
Enjoy, boys and girls.
Love and digital kisses,
BenjaminMarker. 2009

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I liked how at the beginning there was no reason for anyone to be a cat. They simply were. With that being said, I wasn't expecting to a Mountain Mouse cartoon, the red power ranger, a robot having sex with a woman, the Scream Team and a hooker version of Big Bird. At first I thought the title was going to be said at the beginning, but it was more in the middle. I guess this did have good animation for how ridiculous it was. I love it how you simply "F*CK the story!" which sums this up pretty well.

Funny flash here.

This was a funny little flash you made here,the voice acting was fantastic and added a lot to the humor with the script plus the facial expressions were funny to look at as well,overall i liked this flash very much.

That was pretty funny

The animation was decent, always just enough to support the scene. I really liked the random, disturbing humor. Keep these coming!


I really liked the random humor and great animation!

I really enjoyed this

It was random crude and explicit. I think it would've benefited from a storyline though, because it doesnt make me really want to watch more. but i realley enjoyed it non the less.

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2009
6:29 AM EDT
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