Reviews for "WhatD'YouThinkOfMyDadNow?"

This has to win.

This has got to win the treasure hunt its.. pure gold!!!1 AMAZING!

well done old chap!

top bonza animation and sound tracking!

also liked the additional bedroom head noddin clip after the main content had finished... the skin 'ed looked well cool! who is he?!?

Well damn

Now that is pretty insane and random, but with a good flow.
I do hope we will get to see more flash films like this :)

Really interesting

Its like the exact brainchild of both David Firth and SexualLobster.

I liked it lots!!! The art was really great quality and I loved the way things just flowed so the story was all liquid-like and random.

Great! Make more!

One suggestion: Make a series with a recurring character! I think you could do wonders with that.


Good stuff

I liked the animation, I loved the randomness and you didn't hold back. I hate artists with boundries. lol

I think I almost got it.

"Ok this is what I really have to (write?). I was walking through the park, yes! And the main thing that I'm trying to say is that, you know, that I'm completely ??? but this time I'm"