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Skylocopter 2

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The sequel to the award winning game Skylocopter.

Return to the skies in Skylocopter 2! Puzzle your way through tons of cleverly designed levels as you try to snag all the goodies and avoid crashing. Drop bombs on hazards to blow them out of the sky, and watch out for flying menaces!



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yea another game fin! love this!

Love it!

I beat the game! But somehow, I feel like I have played it before......

Oknavi responds:

Skylocopter 1 maybe?

You caught my attention...

Even though it was pretty easy, it kept my attention in such a way that
I wanted to figure out what the next level would be. (Beat the game at first
try... :P) The concept works, but there are some things that could make it better:

As a game designer I'm not going to judge you on the music, but do keep in mind that music determines almost 50% of the player's experience. You can see
it as a mood setting device that marks the "feeling" of the game. To me it felt
like a dreamy kind of setting, but the graphics showed something different.

Moving on now... The "Economy" upgrade wasn't clear to me. I took a guess on
the Fuel Tank, but you should've mentioned it "Fuel Tank" instead of "Economy".
(Or it's some vocabulary that I'm missing... I'm a Dutchy... =}) Also the upgrade
"Speed" wasn't necessary for me because if you were going faster than this
you would be bouncing through the whole level... Imagine how frustrating THAT
would be... =P (Don't know if others found it usefull, but to me it seemed kind
of risky...)

The bouncing when you touch the outide of the screen is a little too rough.
It makes the player go bouncing between the wall and the surface which drops
the Life gauge pretty fast.

Keep in mind that every gameplay element you insert in your game has
consequences, or at least try to fit the element properly so that is has some
additional value to the game.

You could add some challenges on the side for the "hardcore gamer" so they
don't have to get bored when they think it's too easy, then they have something
to come back for at another time. =) (Called: "Replay Value")

I'm not going to bother you with interface, but when you plan on making a bigger
game it's necessary that you can access a menu at all time.

There are some other things that go a little deeper in the gameplay and
experience aspect. This is not included in my final judgement, so that people
still know what I'm talking about here. (And of course, I judge on skill level...
Not on professional level.) Feel free to PM me if you're interested in further
detailed feedback. ^___^

Allround a fun game that keeps your attention 'till the end! ^___^
So I give you a 7 on this one. =)
(Too bad I couldn't view your other games, it said that the servers weren't
responding or something. Then I could judge you more on you skill level.)

I hope this feedback is useful enough for you to improve your future work.
Keep creating games, try new things and most of all keep the joy of creating
interactive fun for others. ^___^

It's a matter of trial and error. Prototype, prototype, prototype... =)

Erik van Wees

Oknavi responds:

I must say this is the most fantastic and in depth review I have ever recieved, the reasons our other games are down currently is because of the recent bankruptcy of a company called GameJacket which as a dev I'm sure you are familiar with. We have not yet had time to reupload but will soon. Please PM me with more feedback if you can, it is very valuable. Hopefully Skylocopter 3 will be much much much better since I am coding it from scratch. Thank you.


I like the graphics, but they need to be roughened out a bit. Also, you should make it so that there's a shop (and I'm ALWAYS for a difficulty setting) it's redundundundundundundant, so mix it up a bit. Also, you need to add several music tracks, the one you have now is fine, I like this song, but you need to add some more tracks, and a mute button. Great game, I like it, not very original though :(. But hey it is really entertaining, and thats what NG or any game site is ALL about. To me entertainment is half of it, and this got all the entertainment it needed. Great work on that part. (hope this gets an award)

Oknavi responds:

There are three tracks and a music button, the tracks are all variations of each other though to not stand out too much and break the feel.

Thanks =) I'm glad you liked the game.


This is an addictive game!!

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3.29 / 5.00

Jul 10, 2009
3:23 PM EDT