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Occident Warrior

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The days of Foriencia changed forever When the dark army of Ash arrived taking over the realms! All hope is on the Occident warrior to fight his way through 6 different world, learning new skills to defeat the evil Lord. The occident warrior is a cute side scrolling battle game with anime/comic style graphics.

Use the WASD keys to move,
J to attack, K to jump,
combo 1 [J,K,L],
combo 2 [K,W]
combo 3 [K,A]


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i use to play this game in 2009, this game would give me nightmares because of the blood.

i remember playing this game back in 2010. ahhhhhhhh memories :3

Bug: doesn't "paint" the screen

I had a problem where only the top left quadrant of the screen was painting.

That happened after I began the game and realized there was no way to "quit to menu," or to check what the keys were to fight once you were in battle. So I reloaded the page, and then thereafter I had the screen repaint problem.

So... Needs more error checking.

Hmm... almost Perfect,but

The last boss (i think) is it the king that spams you with purple spell??? It was impossible if you went to some corner or "wall"... Becuz he spammed you until you were dead... Then when u got revived you got killed becuz you couldnt get out from that corner...

It's alright

Okay, so I've played worse. The combos could be better and it got really repetitive (I ended up just letting the guy die while writing this review) and different music (or one that doesn't have a really obvious loop pause) I agree with others about how it's too sensitive/the sword attacks needing upgrades.

You probably figured this out already but it's also categorized as a movie =/ Other than that it's alright, just needs a bit of work but it has potential.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2009
12:06 PM EDT