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We spent a lot of time to produce this game and we proud to announce
this game on NG. Tell us what you think about BridgeCraft. We're going
to release "sequel" on Facebook with many improvements, so your
comments are welcome.

development team


Some comments from us:

1) "normal" mode is more challenging than "easy". Please, try it.

2) as it happened, music track was originally created for Yoville by Dynamedion GbR,
and then was licensed for our game. so, we didn't ripped this music.

3) we're going to do better physics in sequel. this engine has too many restrictions.

4) our game was released early than CargoBridge. You judge what is better,
but I think BridgeCraft is much better. That's it.

5) You can hate or love BridgeCraft, it's your choice. If you love our games and have something to say, we'll listen to you carefully and make changes in our games.

6) As I said, we're going to release "sequel" on Facebook with many improvements, so your
comments are welcome (here or better on our forums). You have a chance at being selected for closed beta access to the game.


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definently a good time waster. this is to dudeofdudeland to help him and anyone else with level 7.,....all u gotta do is make one bridge segmentgoing horizontaly from left to right then put an iron bar under it going to the edge.....then the little guy will walk on it and fall on the ground

Great game, but...

-1 for using Facebook's Coolville theme. :P


very addicting and fun! every lvl wasvery easy except nr. 7 that one was very hard, and i haven't found the solution yet so pls someone help me! and i would love it on FB. and one tip: make more materials to work with!

It was fun while it lasted

I liked the game and the physics of it but many of the levels were repetitive and too easy. I never had a problem with any of the levels and that's why I think the game is too short. I hope in the sequel you add many more options for your bridge and make the levels a little more challenging.

PicasoGames responds:

"normal" mode is more challenging than "easy". Please, try it.


It's another bridge game... I think the whole "build a bridge to get something over it" is getting to played out, bland, and not very original. but the animation was well done, and good.

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2009
12:58 PM EDT