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Pacman Avoider

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I have been working on this for a couple of months now. I made a small version of this a very long time ago on my old computer, and I have decided (just like I did with the "Don't Click Green Game") to remake it at a much better quality.

If you find any bugs or anything please don't be afriad to tell me. Just PM me or mention it in a review. It may take a while to load as it is quite a large file, but hopefully you'll think it's worth it.

Hope You Enjoy!

Update-July 22nd 2009
I've made the first level after the fourth(?) checkpoint a bit easier as I tried it and realised it is ridiculously difficult. Any bugs or glitched then please let me know!

Update-July 12th 2009
By the way, I've fixed the bug on the second level after the third checkpoint, thanks to Lektrix!


This is pretty good and nice challenge. Great job!

...did I finish the game? I can't collect the ring at a certain level. the pacman just restarts

4 stars because i love the glitch (going through walls) but it might ruin the game and when you spawn near pacman you might die right away

this wasnt a full 5 stars beacuse i could glitch though walls like on level 5 i went soo fast to the goal dot and i did it again on 6 it made me restart to 7 again
(Pacman or i touching walls)

I luv ur work

Dude i just started roaming new grounds cause i usually don't but so far ur one of my favorite game makers. i really like this game. i made it 2 the 3rd checkpoint. Also love the can't cheat setting. Gr8 work!

Jay-Berry responds:

Thanks! Wow, that's really a great compliment, thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

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3.74 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2009
6:52 AM EDT
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