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Hedgehog Launch 2

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Launch your hedgehog into outer space! The moon is so far yet so close, and we need to get a hedgehog beyond orbit and to that tiny little satellite in the sky.


I made Hedgehog Launch about a year ago. I decided it was about time to do another and to make it much bigger. The scale and complexities of a game like this were fun to figure out and I am happy with the outcome. It was a complete rewrite of the engine, getting things into AS3, and making it somehow all work like a happy duck.

Developed by Armor Games, art and programming by jmtb02
Music by the authors on the left

Use mouse to pull back to the bottom of the screen, use arrow keys to move.

Flash 10+ please!

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An improvement on the entertaining first effort. The launch was disorienting at first, but that's all part of the fun. I liked the many options.
23 days on my first try, I'm happy with that.

Day 5! Fun game

Managed to complete in 11 days, not too bad but I felt I could have gotten it completed in 3 less days if I had just maxed out the radar from the start. Fun game just like the first one. It also has the same issue as the first one though... once a launch finishes, the victory song is far louder than any other song that plays. Other than that, I enjoyed this game.

Truely a gold little classic,forgotten in time.

So my hedge hog has been going for about 30 miniutes now on it's own. I think I broke it :
:So it's been around 40 minutes still going.

Okay so I ran on it's own for forty three minutes and twelve seconds.