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4th of July Colonial Town

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Author Comments

Hello Newgrounds!
Another quick meaningless thing, in this case interactive.

ALL art by me!
I turned 12 a month ago! YAY!

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This is cool

It's good, but I want to play it. (the music could have been more fitting too.)

Bloodspill234 responds:

wat do you mean you want to play it?
thankyou anyways

I want more!

Agreeing with SpikeBlu, it is a really good idea. What you should do, redo this one and make more. Do research on more towns or villages and bam, there's another flash. Great idea!

Bloodspill234 responds:

I am making another one!
thank you!

Almost thought this was pointless

At first I was totally agreeing with you that this was meaningless. I didn't even know it was interactive until I read the Author Comments. If you didn't add the interactive facts and the dress up game, I would have given you low votes and ratings. However, I REALLY like what you were doing with this. Though the animation is very simple and the drawing is basically stick figures this whole piece is interesting. I like that you can click the building and other points and get quick information about living in that time period. This would be an AWESOME lesson piece for teachers. Besides the song you used being quite adequate for the piece, this I feel could appeal to students in high school.

Now, I would like to state that there were some things I would have liked to see. Number one, more information with some of the interactive pieces. Like the cabins and stuff, I think putting a text box that you could scroll down to read the information would be great here. I think adding more educational info to this would make this worth while. Also, if you plan on expanding this beyond the town I feel adding an actual army camp and battle field would be great. Show people what it was like to be a soldier and what the weapons were capable of. I mean, really pull out some good information for folks. Plus, I think some more mini games would be nice to keep people from getting too bored if their not into educational stuff. However, nothing really violent.

I'm really hoping you come up with a new version soon. This is a neat idea. Great job.

Bloodspill234 responds:

Thank you alot!
I loved your reflection!
I will use some of this if i make a new one!
Thanks again!


Well it's not bad; bit of a history lesson, but there's no point to it. Plus the music was a hideous idea - don't add rock music to a flash about colonial times. The art wasn't great but it was passable.

I don't get the 'independence' reference; the town you described could just as easily have been many small towns in Europe at the time. It needed far more to it, like more professions, and needed to be more American. Games that teach like this one need some fun things to do, so maybe it would have been better with a character who could roam around and talk to people. Minigames are always a great way to go - could we make an animal skin, go hunting, shoot some English, realise you can't beat them and surrender to the French again... (sorry :-D Happy July 4th you ungrateful lot).

Still nice try. Good effort.

Bloodspill234 responds:

Thank you.
But the research was kind of hard to do, but if you know of a site or two, please PM it to me!
Thanks for the input, and i will try to do the actionscript for the minigames, but im not the best!

Although it could be european as well as american, the idea was that the viewer could pick up on the fact that it was based on AMERICAN independence, hence the 4th.


interactive learning..6

Bloodspill234 responds:


Credits & Info

3.60 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
1:05 PM EDT