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Pirate Launch

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While watching over the sea, you spot a large red X on a distant island. Treasure! Arrh!!

But watch out, the waters are infested with sharks, bombs, and other obstacles. You'll have to launch your dingy from a cannon to try to make it across the water to the island in one run!

A silly distance game, where you skid out across the water, collecting gold, upgrading your ship, and trying to reach that treasure. Yaarh!

Mouse aims cannon.
Click and hold to charge it's power, then release to shoot your pirate.
Use A and D or the arrow keys to keep your balance, don't hit the water at an angle.

Do flips in the air for points. Collect coins, avoid sharks and islands.



[01/10/2010]: About 6 months after it's release here on Newgrounds, Pirate Launch breaks 100k views on the site :) Thank you so much everyone! Although across the internet, it's probably had a million views, reaching a mark on Newgrounds is always extra special to me, especially without ever being front paged!! Thank you for the support.

{01/01/2011]: I've been eyeballing the play count on this game on ArmorGames, and as a special new years present it appears that the game has just today finally hit 1 million plays on their site! A huge thanks to Armor and to everyone for playing :)

This started out as a tribute game to Kitty Cannon. But after some development, we added more and more to it, until it became its entirely own game. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!

StaliN98 (Robert 64) did some amazing work with coding, and worked extremely effeciently, it was awesome working with him.
Hopeku provided the catchiest song that I've ever heard. I could play this game you weeks on end, and never get sick of the song he made for it.
Daniel, our sponsor, was the greatest of all. He was extremely helpful, and after coming aboard as sponsor, spearheaded the development, and gave us some awesome ideas on improvement!

This was a blast to make, and it was awesome working with all these guys.
I hope you all enjoy playing it as well!!

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I like this game. I enjoy the art style, the simplicity, and the fact you can steer in the air, and do flips. PS. I did it in 31 days :P easy if you can get the hang of the balance, and a good way to use time

It was really well made! The distance was a good length, and though the restarting was annoying, it really paid off! And the story element was brilliant!

The upgrades becoming obsolete was a little useless though. Perhaps have one or two upgrades, 'boosts' which have only one use before it must be bought again! other than this, fantastic!
Front flip for style!

i finished it on day 82 but its do nice whales shark i do not know but is that a big turtle or what

Takes not much time to beat I've played it 5 times