Arctic Defense

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Kill the waves of lethal penguins, seagulls, wolves, walruses and polar bears before they reach and destroy your igloo!

At your disposal, you have a team of brave Eskimo warrior-types, each with its own upgrades:
- Machine Moes: Shoots large clips of machine gun fire, barraging the enemies with bullets.
- Billy Bull's Eyes: Skilled Eskimo snipers. Does a lot of damage, but takes time reloading.
- Shotgun Steves: Disintegrates the attacking arctic animals with the use of a powerful shotgun.
- Bazooka Bobs: Eskimos with a bazooka - who would have guessed? Kills everything within a certain area.

Good luck, Eskimo Commander!


- Aim to kill using the mouse
- Shoot to kill with the mouse button (can hold it down).
- Switch between Eskimos (to kill) using the space bar, numbers 1 - 4, or by clicking on them.


Quite fun to play

Very fun, Some simple improvements needed

Overall, the game is very fun, but it could use some simple improvements:

1) Being able to assign the numbers to the turrets, as one would logically like to be able to place them in numerical order on the field; however, the only way to do that now is to place them in the order as you picked them. Assigning the numbers to the spots instead of the Eskimos themselves would alleviate this.
2) It is a little too hard to earn upgrades, and it is impossible to earn all of them in a single game, which is never cool. Maybe an upgrade every two levels instead of three?
3) The bazooka guys are pretty useless as they are, especially because their fire isn't in a straight line but are lobbed, which is more consistent with a mortar, yet they hit the igloos. Their difficulty in use is not nearly offset by their firepower.
4) Take the King.com link off of the actual battlefield. It gets in the way and it is quite annoying to be linked when you are just trying to fire at a bad guy in the corner.

I do like them game a lot, especially the branching levels, but it could be a 9 out of 10 with some of these improvements. Add more levels, good guys, upgrades, and you got yourself a 10 out of 10!

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I like this kind of games but could use some improvements :] Like:

More Upgrades, Auto Fire, More Options Of Where To Put The Prople, etc

But overall i like this game so hope u make more and yeah.... 7/10

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Good... But some tips:

Have the ability to shoot through the igloo (Lv 2 is a good example of this)

The ability to place the troops where ever on the map would be nice

Maybe a computer AI that controls the inactive eskimos while you're not using them (maybe at half their rate of fire?)

An auto reload if you do not use a certan eskimo for a fixed period of time.

A wider range of upgrades.

Overall a 1/2 wonderful game (like the style), I'd just like to see those improvements. 7/10

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Fun, Adictive, and very challenging

This game is fun, adictive, and very challenging once you get to the higher levels. I hope to see this game pass judgement, I give it a 5/5 and 10/10.

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3.78 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2009
1:18 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed