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VD3 :Redone:

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Following the reviews, i redone the game a little :) thats for support

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Nu ka ;D

Viskas gerai :) nemusiu taves :D tik biski pakritikuosiu :P pirma pointu rodymas... kai raso pointus atrodo kad notepade jie rodomi tiesiog padaryk ta staciakampi juoda kaip ir bg ir bus norm antra, CTB mode pastebejau kad vienas bastard'as pasislepe uz pointu skaiciuokles :DD ir jos nesimate taip padaryk dar geriau kad pointu skaiciuokles staciakampis tas baltas butu permatomas :) ir taina uzdek Tenaciuos D - Wonderboy butu fun :D dbr sis tas lopams kurie nemoka lietuviu kalbos :D Sorry that i didn' talk English and you didn't understood what i said i don't care that you will ban me for that or smth :D so stfu if you don't like me rofl. btw check out my acc (theres nothing xDD )

It's ok.

A very simple concept gets boring quickly mind you.

First off. Mute button... the music sucked. Also, add a high score tables to increase competitiveness.

Below Average/ Failing


~~You have music, good, but what you need to do is:

-Add a mute button.

-Add a change song feature.

-Make the song(s) you have loop.

~~Currently, when you hit a block, no sound affect is made, and no, "great job!" voice is to be heard, or able to be muted. Add these.


~~All you have are rectangular prisms. And a semi-fancy menu.

~~You lack an amusing/ changing background.

~~The screen is too small for this game to be fun for me.


~~Just like any other avoidance game I can find. As far as I can see there are no traps, power ups, or anything you can use.

~~You did make a sandbox, fast, and CTB mode, and were right to do so.


~~You need to add:

-A pause button.

-A pause menu.

-A quality button

-A mute option.

-More modes of play.

-A plot.

Now get back to making a game with all of this stuff, and most importantly, have fun with it.

Kanexass responds:

Thank you a lot :)

Not bad!

I played on easy first and got into the song. I love daft punk! after i turned it onto insane and gave it a whirl. only got 886. Fun game but I wouldn't play it again unless I wanted to hear the song again lol. 3/5 6/10

Pretty Nice

Nice music, nice game.
But not my type of a game.

Credits & Info

4.47 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2009
3:59 AM EDT