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Sky Marshall

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Author Comments

Hi guys this is our game, feel free to comment/suggest

Explore 12 full challenging level's with 4 different race & 4 different boss.
- 4 Type of enemy ( Sky Bandit, Sky Orc, Sky Monster and Alien Ship )
- Upgrade System
- Save&Load System
- Use -wasd- to move & left-mouse to fire

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its all right. not my type of game. it just seemed a little to slow.
the power ups were kind of usless. and the ai is a good shot


this game is so iretating the sound is dull and the gameplay is really bad but i really like the graphics and storyline

right to left

i think you should be able to choose how to move because i'm right handed and moving with my righthand and working the mouse with my left was hard

Andvari008 responds:

Hi, you can use wasd to move


Too simple; game-stopping bugs; tedious gameplay.

First off, I would like to address a few bugs:
1) On level 3, during the boss battle, his health does not appear to go down as you shoot him until he moves off the screen and comes back. I didn't get past this level due to the next bug I will mention.
2) Far more serious is this bug: it doesn't allow you to equip new upgrades once you purchase them...or at least I could not find a way to de-equip my current ones so I could replace them. You have 2 slots for an equip and apparently, whatever two things you equip first, you are stuck with. Kind of defeats the purpose of an upgrade if this is not a bug.

Secondly, I will say that the artwork is pretty decent. It's not terribly impressive or interesting to look at, but it's not nearly as boring as the gameplay itself. You need to work on the gameplay aspect most of all. It's far too slow paced and tedious, and the levels just drag on monotonously. The concept is not overall flawed, you just need to expand on it.

1) Change up the pace of the gameplay. It would be nice if you didn't just fly on endlessly against and immutable scrolling background, but you actually had some destinations mixed in. For example, involving the boarding of an enemy airship, destroying it, and then moving on.

2)Boss battles (the one that I tried) are not very fun either. It's just more monotonous shooting; the only difference is the boss takes much more damage. Implement some action into the gameplay, and if that's not possible, try a strategic element!

3) Rate of fire and "powerups". I say powerups, but it is actually beneficial to AVOID them at all costs, other than the health pickups. You get a drastically reduced rate of fire at the expense of having 1 - 2 extra bullets fly off at wild tangents. Maybe this would be useful if you ever saw more than one enemy on the screen at once and they were in exactly the right spot(s), but even then, it would still be preferable to have a weapon with a fast rate of fire rather than a slow, unreliable one.

3) Upgrades, some better organization would be nice (i.e., different categories for attack, defense, and speed, not just all mixed in one mess). It would also be a nice feature to actually see the upgrades that are equipped on your character (when applicable), not just an image of them in the HUD.

Make some improvements and fix the bugs. This game has good potential but falls short of being entertaining thanks to the monotony and gameplay flaws.

Andvari008 responds:

Hi SoulReaVeR714, thx for your feedback and suggestion. We'll make some update soon

Pretty fun

It's sort of boring because of the lack of variety of guns. I think the single shot is the only one that is upgraded by the rate of fire upgrade, which makes it better than the triple shot. I liked it though even though I only played throught until the fourth level. Couldn't really play any more. Thanks

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
11:43 PM EDT