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Pigeon Hunt 3

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I guess you've seen things crapped by pigeons: cars, town squares, statues... and also some crazy people who feeds them. It's time to teach those flying rats a lesson! Be the best pigeon shooter, kill fast to activate the score multiplier, aim for the head to achieve a bigger score, don't miss the carrier pigeons to get some new, deadlier weapons and don't forget, look out for the seagulls!

[ Base scores ]
Close pigeons: +10
Distant pigeons: +20
Carrier pigeons: +50
Seagulls: -100 ! so try to keep them alive, they are nice birds :)

[ Multipliers ]
Desert Combo (pistol): shoot as many pigeons as you can in 1,5 seconds.
Headshot Combo (only with the pistol): More headshots in a row, multiplies the pigeon's base score, reloading or missing the target resets the combo.
SMG Combo: Counts every bullet that won't miss the target.
Shotgun Combo: Try to kill more pigeons with one shot.
RPG Combo: The same as for the shotgun.

[ Bonuses ]
BigBomb: Do a 4x or bigger Desert Combo, then click on the bomb to detonate it. You only get this once. (seagulls are immune to BigBomb)
Bonus Time 1. (+15 sec): Do a 5x Desert Combo, but only after you achieved the BigBomb.
Bonus Time 2. (+15 sec): Well, this sounds impossible, but no, its just only damn hard to achieve. To get it, do a 8x Headshot Combo! That means 8 headshots with the pistol and without reloading or shooting anything else. If you can do this that means you're a real PRO :)

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And that's the first addicting game I've played in a while.
Not a new concept, not an ambitious game, but cleverly done.


Wow this game is just like Moorhuhn


Terrific game! Despite it being an old concept, this game is quite fun and potentially addicting.


A little flawed, but a fun-filled game. I liked the style, and the different guns, bonuses and modes really add a lot.

I would recommend that you warn people NOT to hit the seagulls - nowhere is this explained properly. Maybe needs something more, like some more levels. But I still had fun playing.


Although when you get the RPG, it's really hard to NOT hit a seagull.

Credits & Info

4.75 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2009
12:25 PM EDT

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