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Jungle Level Beta Ver. 2

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Hi NG, this is my second upload. I've changed a few things and added a new section in. There's also a new way for the player to die ( by a sort of giant shuriken thing that spins). I'll keep on devising ways to kill you ( aren't I nice?).
Also, it's now auto-run, but I might create a toggle method instead, whatever you guys think.
If you find any glitches, please let me know and if you have already reviewed but want to make any more suggestions, then please PM me with your suggestion(s)!

This will probably be the last beta before I release the finished project.


Arrow keys (Left and Right); A and D - Left and Right
SPACE key; UP key - Jump
Shift( or M or N)+Arrow Keys - Walk
CONTROL key - Activate lever or keyhole or to pick up items


Levers have a blue glow
The key has a red glow
The keyhole ( key needed to activate) has a green glow

Things that will (hopefully) be in the final game:

A HUD ( heads up display) with Health;
Perhaps a certain amount of lives per level;
Possibly a save system;
Enemies (AI is a possibility too);
More levels (duh);
Better graphics;
And more hazards.
Pause Menu
Final Boss?
Better programming (sometimes bounces a very small distance from ground)
A different format of game apart from the platformer type.
Power ups
Weapons (temporary?)
Points system
Changing the run command?

If you're stuck ( wont be likely) then message me.

EDIT, fixed a glitch with the three spinning shurikens not registering the player ( I forgot to put the script).

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cool but,

needs more enemies,needs to be longer,and it should have levels! are you going to make a new one?

Bluefox77 responds:

Yes but it is going to be a while before i will have finished it. My new years resolution is to finish it though! :D

Coming along well

The controls are smooth, the physics work nicely, and it looks like this is going to be a very fun game. Some suggestions I have for the final product include a way to attack (unless it's a hop & bop, but some other attack would be a welcome addition), additional interactive elements if you think you can use them (you got switches so far, that's good), and a neat presentation that lays out the levels, menus and stuff nicely (although I'm sure you're already working on that).

Not much to say, really! Just give it an identity to make it unique and interesting, and I'm sure it will be great. I must say that I'm intrigued to see how this will end up.

Bluefox77 responds:

Thanks, I won't be making an attack action for this game (my Metroid flash will though), it'll be more based on puzzles and dodging opponents ( however I might do a 2D shooting scroller involving ship when travelling between two of the areas during the game). Although I haven't made the menu layout yet, I'll be going for a more futuristic layout (the protagonist is a robot), I like Dead Space's colour scheme so that's a potential influence.

As for interactive elements, I'll be adding more hazard possibilities and objectives for each stage.

This is good

It's a very good game. I think you should put the controls in game to though. I mean have a main menu for: Play/ Instructions/ Music... that kind of stuff. Unless it's only not in because this is the beta, if so, sorry for wasting your time XD

Bluefox77 responds:

Cheers, in the finished product the instructions and options will be on the main menu but maybe also in the Pause menu in case anyone forgets the controls or wants to change music settings.

Even more improved

Obstacle wise it is better. Seems a little easier to control too. Simple, but more complex than the other version (shurikens were nice). Maybe on the different levels with different themes you can have something different than a shuriken as a deadly object, like ice spikes on an ice stage, lava shooters on a lava stage, maybe even add some falling bolders to the jungle stage. They don't have to do insta-death things, just take a certain amount of health.

Maybe you can add some music to a pause menu if it makes it in the final (or maybe just have the stage music continue while paused). Possibly you could add MINI GAMES!!!! Just something to do besides the game if you feel like it. You could also have a few puzzle-oriented things that you need to do to progress. These are just a couple of ideas and just some food for thought. All in all, so far, so good.

Bluefox77 responds:

Thanks for the review.
When the real thing is released instant death occurences will be less frequent, mostly being replaced with a decrease in health then a jump back from the hazard.

The idea of mini games is good but it's the way i'd be able to implement them which is the problem.

Can't Wait

Like you said the programming needs to be refined. Everything else that you covered in your comments also seems like the only things that need to be done.

The only things I would make sure to include are a bit of a background or just a simple description, also some controls. Also, a menu screen for messing with the music, video options, and level select would be very nice. Lastly make the end or beginning of each level have a little toggle system to where the player can proceed or return to the menu/title screen.

Great game and I can't wait to play the full version!

Bluefox77 responds:

I agree with the options bit, it would also allow the person playing the game to listen to their own music. I'll be including a story and the instructions will be in the flash ( and not on the authors comments), the first level will be a sort of tutorial as well.
Hopefully it will be a successful game.