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hood warz

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its pretty basic there are two modes normal and sandbox mode the aim of the game is to defend your hood against 32 hordes of rival mobsters to do this you need to hire thugs there are four types of thugs there are -

stone throwers - they throw stones at the enimy there not too effective - cost 15 gold
machine gunner - these thugs shoot slowly at the enimy they are very effective - cost 25 gold
double gunner - this is one of the top thugs the shoot faster and eith more power - cost 30 gold
sniper - these guys shoot really fast and do the most damage athough they are costly - cost 40 gold

upgrades ----

you can upgrade thugs which rapidly increases there speed and damage prices range for different thugs

layers ----

yes its sort of a glitch you can put more than one thug on the same tile use this glitch to your advantage

well all the best and good luck from grimecenter

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good game

I only think you should improve the graphics

huw2k8 responds:

check number 3 its got good graphix

ehhhh same ol same ol

this is just another tower game and that there are alot more better games like this out there... only a few things make unique...so heres my review

is a good solid game
unnique(u protect a hood and theres a layer glitch)(author u probably could have gotten away with the glitch if u had protended it was meant to be there)

bad graphics
no noise at all
so many games like this tha tare better

fixthe cons and bring something more to the game
like maybe a special uprgrade or a class
(now this is just me asking)could u make to where the player upgrades the people that walk and the player tries to get the hood (i would like to see that)

P.S post me back
do you think this is a fair review
are you making another game
are you going to fix this one?

huw2k8 responds:

yh great review i will take on aboard the pros and cons and im allready working on number 2 there will be sound and better grafix if you have any other ideas i would love to know - all the best

Needsalot of work but great start

It's fun for about 3 min. Then you get board however the mechanics are solid.
Suggestions: Sound, music and sound effects make a game
Color: Not just different weapons but different colors to make each peace unique
Upgrades: Perhaps have the figures change as they upgrade or there weapons change. Just something to help let you know who's been upgraded and who still needs.

Just a few Ideas. Great start.

good game

i like it very much but you should add a retry button or something like that

i love tower defences

it could use some music

huw2k8 responds:

agreed :)

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3.00 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2009
4:57 PM EDT