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Ok people, this is my first submission and I know that the physics aren't life like so don't complain about it and also, if YOU HAVE NOTHING SUBMITTED don't flame my flash just cause you can't make it yourself...
anyways i hope you enjoy my flash!!!!!


that was awesome!

fantastic i liked it alot

Fun game!

Actually, I find this game relatively easy to play, and this comes from a person that finds most simulation games/anything requiring aiming to be nearly impossible. I think the physics work passably well. Perhaps you can find a way to lock the direction you are shooting first, and then adjust power. I did find it a bit of a struggle to juggle both of those at the same time on some shots.

I also like that there aren't distracting sounds while I'm concentrating on my shots, but maybe you can consider adding music in future games, provided you also have a mute button so we can choose whether to hear it or not. Overall, I find this to be a good game: the graphics are detailed enough and you allow us a fair number of mistakes before restart. In closing, this is a great first submission, and some reviewers seem to be overlooking that aspect. Good luck with your future endeavors, and I've added this to my favorites.

Pool game

I liked it. Usuall pool game. One white cue ball, one stick to push that ball, 15 other balls, and 6 holes. I think that balls should be... lighter. They move like boulders. But except for that, it rocks. 3/5, 8/10.

Listen dumbass,

If you submit something, the viewer's ability in that field has no significance in their critique of it. All your saying is that you can submit whatever the fuck you want to, and any person that see's it is required to give it a good score just because they haven't made anything.

The number of someone's submissions is irrelevant in this situation. If you suck, I have every right to say so, regardless of how good I am at whatever it is that you aren't. That's like saying I can't rip on the new Indiana Jones movie because I haven't made a movie. Or I have to love the Jonas Brothers because I'm not in a band.

Presumably, a bunch of people have said you sucked before, and now your thinking of every excuse possible to refute their opinions, because you don't have the ability to make anything half decent. Or, even worse, this is your first one and you realized that it was crappy, submitted it anyway, and tryed to stop people from saying so.

I gave you a two because it at least looked nice. But I can't give you a high score if the physics suck, and the controls are messed. It's a game, the functionality is way more important then the appearance, work on your programming more instead of the graphics, I'm sure that people would rather play a game that had smooth controls, and realistic dynamics, but didn't look that good, then a game that looked great but was impossible, and frustrating to play.

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Mr-pwnr responds:

Ok, i see wat you mean, just give me about a minute and I will submit something that is better compared to this and thanks for the review!


It's alright, but the physics are kinda screwy and it's really not a new idea at all, it's way over done. :-/ Sorry.

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Jun 25, 2009
11:16 PM EDT
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