Bathophobic Malacia

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Art by TheMillz
Programming by JJWallace

Arrow keys -- movement, jumping
A -- Primary attack
S -- Secondary attack

WEAPONS: Weapons randomly spawn after 15 seconds, look for them somewhere in the arena.


Based on the book "Johnny got his Gun", play as a solder who was brutally maimed in war. You fight inside your body against your "inner demons". Wave after wave will test you as you fight to maintain control of your body.

There are multiple endings...will you have the final say on your fate? Or will the demons see to it you remain a lifeless comatose sack of meat, still living but not truly alive, for many years of suffering to come?

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the end is very interesting

good show guys to repetive though

i beat it and it was good 5/5 10/10

great game i beat it without dieing XD

Very entertaining and atmospheric...

I found this game to be quite entertaining. The weapons were all useful in their own right (well the pistol kinda sucked) but you were always given two different weapons so it wasn't a problem.

The visuals were cool and the story came out wonderfully.

I may have added subtitles for the doctor and nurse as when you a firing away with the rifle or bazooka they are hard to hear.

I very much enjoyed this.


Liked the concept of multiplying enemies and such. The storyline was good too. I got 2 endings. The one where you let the timer run out and it's game over, and the one where you kill like 35 enemys. Are there any more or is it just those two?


I like the idea behind this game. But there's lot of things that could be improved. Firstly, the mechanics: The last two levels are either very difficult(if you get gun, rifle or sword) or very easy(if you get the bazooka). That makes the game depend too much on luck. You could fix that by making the weapons more balanced against each other(bazooka can kill a group of people, but has much slower rate of fire, rifle shoots faster but only kills one opponent, pistol requires two shots to kill, but has again much faster fire rate, sword requires you to get into melee, but with it you can kill lot of opponents quickly, knife is even faster, but lets opponents closer)

Secondly, the graphics and level design. You should make the levels different from each other. At least you should have the background vary, but you could also make the level designs different. Maybe the first level is a small chamber, the second level has a pit in the middle, etc.

Credits & Info

3.97 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2009
11:29 AM EDT
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