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Alpha War

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Not much to say about this game. Made in a few weeks as a final project for my graphic design program. Not my best game, but looking at it now I can appreciate it. Total ripoff of Geometry wars concept though, lol.

Collaboration with Aaron Bronson.

Controls -


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Lots of room for improvement:

1) enemies are too hard to see due to their small size.
2A) Play field is too small to maneuver effectively.
2B) The gun with only the spread shot upgrade is so powerful there is no need to move about
3)Bosses were incredibly easy with little to no variation between them.
4)Upgrades were too few and over-powered.
5) actual game length was fairly short. about 3 minutes to beat the entire game.

1)Music loop was too repetitive
2)Voice over was too loud and very jarring compared to the rest of the game. If you make another in this style, I'd suggest taking it out and replacing it with some text placed conveniently out of the gamespace


It is a good start. If you could add more upgrades or something like that, because after the second level you can buy anything. Also, it was very glitchy. Otherwise good game.


It was an okay game. There are a few things you could work on though. You could have made it a little bit longer. I mean, 4 levels? Not very much to do in four levels. Also, it wasn't challenging at all, except for when the "bosses" arrived, i just stayed in one spot and shot anything that came near me. And the bosses weren't very hard, all you have to do is not run into them and shoot, and they move very slowly so that wasn't much of a challenge. One last thing, I don't know if it was just my computer, but the graphics quality was very poor.

eh not bad

got to the red x had max upgrades used 11 bombs game restarted on me you should check that out more exact details.... bombs used in row after i hit the 11th game went black reopened with a light circle in middle with ship along with red x to the right the start menu popped up


U are right about ripping off Geometry Wars but u made a pretty good game